Our Tomorrow vs Your Tomorrow

Patrick McGeough, Chief Executive Officer of  Bader Grant Recipient, Para Dance UK, has asked us to help to spread the word about Dancing Away Isolation.

This is such a wonderfully positive initiative and one which we feel sure will bring joy and social connection to many whose lockdown experience may continue long term.

Patrick says:

Together with COVID-19,there has been an unspoken mental health crisis sweeping through households across the UK, whose impact is greater on the most vulnerable. While many of us are flexing our muscles getting ready to hop back to normality, many people will remain in isolation for an indefinite period of time. Some people with disabilities in the UK will need to shield themselves against coronavirus for as long as it is required to stay safe, and may be isolated from family and friends, and all the things they hold dear.

Para Dance UK (the National Governing Body for Para Dance Sport in the UK), has created a dance challenge that is aiming to unite, uplift, and inspire people everywhere.

We want to send out a loud message that mental health matters by dancing away isolation.

For more information on the Campaign and how you can get involved  please see our website

To donate to help us keep those home shielding dancing and aid their mental and physical health you can also read the Story of Charlotte and her story of how isolation is impacting her life.

Here are links to 4 pilot films made my Para Dance UK, which will give you a bit more information about Para Dance UK and are certain to get you in the mood to throw some shapes!