Penrith Pumas need your vote

Very exciting news from one of our Bader Grant Recipients! Penrith Pumas need your vote to be in with a chance of securing £60,000 of National Lottery funding…

The PUMA’S (Promoting Unbelievable Mental Attitude) have been shortlisted as one of the 95 organisations across the UK in this year’s The People’s Projects. They now need people to vote for them so they can win the valuable funds which will enable them to buy more equipment (bespoke wheelchairs can cost £3,500 each) and raise awareness of this exciting and beneficial sport.

This is such good news and very well deserved. A huge step from when we first featured them after Gary Pettit had returned home having competed in the 2019 UK Invictus Trials, winning Gold in Wheelchair Rugby. He found that there was no local club where he could continue to train and play so with admirable fighting spirit he developed his own and Penrith Pumas, a new disability sports group, was born! Gary and his wife, Megan, launched the club in January 2020 but the Covid-19 pandemic put plans on hold until May 2021. Since then, in just a couple of years, they have gone from strength to strength, gathering numerous supporters and players and holding regular Rugby 5’s Exhibition Matches and Competitions, which you will have read about in previous posts.

We are extremely proud to have been able to support the Penrith Pumas in a small way at the beginning of their story and wish them the very best of luck and success in securing the lottery funding which will enable this dynamic club to introduce even more people to the exciting sport of Wheelchair Rugby. We will certainly be supporting them again through this vote!

Public Campaign and Voting: Penrith Pumas need your vote!

The public campaign starts today, Monday 15th May and will close on Friday 26th May at 12.00 noon. You can vote online by following this link, which will open in a new tab: PENRITH PUMAS (Promoting, Unbelievable, Mental, Attitude) – The People’s Projects (  You can also scan the QR Code, which will take you straight to the page.

Don’t forget: Penrith Pumas need your vote! Results will be announced on Thursday 1st June so don’t forget to vote before the window closes on Friday 26th May!

Check out the Press release and poster which has a QR code for your to scan to visit the page directly.

The Featured Image was taken when ITV filmed the Puma’s back in February.

Further links will be found at the bottom of this post. Be sure to watch the promotional video, which gives a taste of why Wheelchair Rugby is such an exciting sport both to watch and to play!

Penrith Pumas need your vote

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Penrith Pumas need your vote

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