Prosthetic Research Recruitment

Prosthetic Research Recruitment

We were contacted by Bingbin Wang, a third-year PhD student at King’s College London about his Prosthetic Research Recruitment.

Bingbin is majoring in the myoelectric control of prostheses and is looking for 5 transradial (below elbow) amputees, aged between ages 18 and 65, to contribute to the understanding of the importance of limb position on amputees’ manipulation of Myoelectric Prosthetic Limb Technology.

Bingbin’s supervisor is Ernest Kamavuako and the research is being done through the College’s Biosignals and Sensors Laboratory (BSS LAB).

I have a research project to investigate the correlation between quantification metrics in feature space and real-time myoelectric control performance under the effect of time and limb position change. Binbing Wang PhD Student at King’s College, London

This results will be acquired through information given by 6 surface wireless electrodes placed on the participant’s residual limb while they perform tasks using a robot arm.

Prosthetic Research Recruitment

  • The researchers are looking for 5 amputees to take part
  • Aged between 18-65
  • Transradial (below elbow) amputation

It is hoped that results from the research will develop understanding of how an amputee’s limb position could influence their control of Myoelectric Prostheses. This could be of great benefit to amputees in the future as prosthetics become increasingly high-tech.

The experiment will begin on January 16th 2024 but applications will be considered until February 28th, 2024.

Each participant will be given a £30 Amazon voucher. So if you’re a transradial amputee aged between 18-65, why not see if you can take part in Bingbin’s Prosthetic Research Recruitment and help amputees of the future.


Prosthetic Research Recruitment


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