Prosthetic Wearers and Computer Use

Prosthetic wearers and computer use

James Raymer, a student at Loughborough University, wants to improve the experience of upper limb prosthetic wearers when using computers, and would welcome the input of people with upper limb difference.

Read on to learn about James’s project and to access the documents you will need for participation.

Please do support James with this research into prosthetic wearers and computer use if you can. Your participation in this research project could be instrumental in making improvements for upper limb prosthetic wearers who find computer use challenging for various reasons. Certainly timely given our increased dependence on computer use now so many more of us are working from home due to Covid restrictions.

Hi, I’m James and I’m a university student at Loughborough University and I’m running a project to create a wireless interface between prosthetic arms and computers. I’m looking to talk to people who use prosthetic arms or those with limb difference to get first-hand information on how you use computers and any problems you have in doing so, and to also propose my ideas for the product with you and get feedback on the people that it might one day be used by.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email me at so we can arrange interviews and so I can provide you with documents concerning the project, all of your personal details will be kept confidential. I am available to talk to via a videocall on Zoom or MS teams, or by email if you prefer. The topics I want so discuss are:

  • Do you struggle to use computers or have any annoyances when using them?
  • Do you use any custom products designed for those with amputations/limb difference to use computers?
  • If so, do you have any problems with these products? How do you think they can be improved?

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