Prosthetics: Layers of Perception (with revised details)

We were contacted about Prosthetics: Layers of Perception by Phil Wiles who helps to organise Public Engagement with Research for University College London (UCL)

Phil specialisies in engagement with Healthcare technology research. This has already aided his research colleagues to develop interactive arts activities to help frame discussion around prosthetic users experience of wearing an active prosthetic hand or arm.

He has organised what sounds like a fascinating session about this that you may find interesting.

Read on to find out more.

Please note that there have been changes to the original workshop details. The date will now be Friday 1st December 1 / 12/ 23 and the event will be held via Microsoft Teams to allow more people to take part.

The Workshop – Revised Details

Paid online art workshop for upper limb amputees

Join us on Microsoft Teams on Friday the 1st December for a workshop that explores the layered nature of perception and touch sensation. Anyone who has lost an arm or hand, and has used (or still uses) a prosthetic is invited to join us! If you’re selected to take part, you will receive a £50 “Thank You” for your time and input.

The session will be conversation and art based. We will engage in conversations about experiences with prosthetics, phantom limb symptoms, and the balance between technology and functionality in prosthetics. We’ll also share personal ideas of the emotional and physical layers of touch, transitioning to making works of art based on these conversations.

To sign up & to find out more, please go to our Eventbrite advert

If you have questions, please email

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