Richard and Otto Start Their Para-Dressage Campaign

Our featured Bader Grant recipient, Richard Neumann, is about to start his para-dressage campaign in earnest. He and his beautiful horse, Otto, have been training intensively for the last few months and have taken part in local shows but now things are beginning to get serious with a big competition on Sunday marking the start of Richard’s determined attempt to compete with Team GB.

Richard has sent us a couple of pictures of Otto showing off his very smart new clip looking every inch a champion:

There is also a video of Richard doing his personal training, a big (and tough), part of a rider’s preparation. Please click on the image below to view it. This video is even more impressive when you realise that it was filmed only 5 months to the day from eight hours of abdominal surgery with over 200 stitches…Otto’s preparation was also not without incident as you may remember from a previous post that he sustained a serious cut to his mouth, necessitating an unexpected holiday while it healed.

Video of Richard in training
Video of Richard in training. Please click on the image to view.

Please join us in wishing this plucky and very determined team the best of luck on Sunday. (They will at least arrive in style as Richard is picking up his newly decorated horse box today, complete with DBF decals! We’ll post a photo shortly and thanks for the support, Richard.)