Richard Neumann introduces his first competition horse, Echo

For those of you that love horses, Richard Neumann, para-dressage rider, introduces us to his much loved first competition horse, Echo.

Richard with Echo

Echo is 10 now has been retired for two years, he has degenerative bone disease in his hocks. We were at a training session when he didn’t feel right, had the vet out that day who scanned his right fore he had a splint fracture from playing in the field (that’s why they always wear boots now in the field) however after eight weeks of box rest we couldn’t get him sound had him scanned again and found the issue with his hocks, the next morning he coliced, so had an operation that day, he recovered well and now is enjoying his retirement, he was my first competition horse I got him as a foal ( picture attached) backed him and produced him with my coach, we competed and again were close to international honours when this happened, so the last few years have been a rollercoaster to say the least, Echo is an amazing horse had such extravagant paces and would have gone far, I sometimes read our old score sheets and it is such a shame – everyone thought he was a talent and such a gentleman.” (Richard Neumann)

The mutual affection between Richard and Echo is plain to see from this beautiful photograph. To raise a horse from a foal, bring him on, back him and then train him to competition standard, let alone competition standard at such a high level, is an amazing achievement requiring deep mutual trust and respect. The bond that develops through that process is a lifetime one. It must have been sad for Richard to see Echo’s competition potential cut short so prematurely but how wonderful that this beautiful horse is able to live out such a loved and happy retirement.
Echo as a foal
Echo as a foal
Echo showing his paces
Echo in action


Echo schooling



Echo helps with the stable work
Echo going for a walk



For an additional bit of equine cheer, you are also treated to the happy sight of Richard’s current horse, Otto (left rump!), and his stable mate, Smartie, clearly great friends, enjoying some mutual grooming out in the field in their first outdoor session with rugs off.

We’re so grateful to Richard for sharing these gorgeous and heartwarming photos and videos.