Richard Neumann Lockdown Update

Richard Neumann November update

Richard Neumann, Para Dressage rider and Bader Grant Recipient, has been in touch with a lockdown update. As he says, lockdown gives plenty of time for training!

Training was apparently going well until the latest lockdown. Sadly, Richard ran out of time to qualify for Keysoe this year but is aiming to be there in 2021. In the meantime, he has just started para showjumping as well. Apparently Otto loves it, it gives him something else to think about! He certainly looks to be enjoying himself. It must be nice to experience that freedom after the discipline of dressage.
Hopefully 2021 will be a better year, can’t wait to get back competing. Richard Neumann, Para Dressage Rider
A genuine man of action, Richard has also started training for another press up challenge. 1000 press ups in a day. I’d rather him than me!
Enjoy the videos below of Richard Neumann and his beautiful competition horse, Otto, training over poles, a good exercise for developing flexibility and confidence.

In the following video you can see Richard upping the ante in his preparation for his fundraising forthcoming Press Up Marathon: 1000 press ups in a day…! This is even more of a challenge for Richard than it would be for most people as he has no flexibility in his wrists.