Royal Visit for Legs4Africa

Royal visit for Legs4Africa

Tom Williams OBE tells of a “surprise” Royal visit for Legs4Africa.

Tom, the founder of Legs4Africa, was cycling into work when he noticed unusual activity at the charity’s ‘Legquarters”. Police dogs and officers with guns were apparently sniffing through crates of prosthetic components, which was anything but ordinary! Once Tom realised that no-one was getting arrested he remembered that Emmaus, a charity which supports people to work their way out of homelessness (see link below this post for further information), was having their 25th Anniversary Celebration and that a VIP was going to be present. Today was the day and it turned out that Queen Camilla was the VIP and would be touring the Legs4Africa premises that morning.

In what turned out to be a whirlwind of a day, Tom says, “We had the surreal opportunity to share the impactful strides we’re making here at Legs4Africa with Her Majesty and her entourage.“.

It was an impromptu chance to showcase the incredible work driven by our shared passion and commitment  Tom Williams OBE – Legs4Africa Founder

You are invited to peek behind the curtain and discover more about Legs4Africa’s enjoyable and encouraging  encounter with Queen Camilla by following the link beneath this post.

Royal Visit for Legs4AFrica

We’re so delighted to see this absolutely dedicated and very hard working charity that does so much to change the lives of amputees in Africa being acknowledged in such a positive, and Royal, way.

PS I’m told that there are more interesting updates on the way so keep checking in!

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