Simon continues to pursue his dream

Simon continues to pursue his dream

Bader Grant Recipient, Wheelchair Table Tennis player, Simon Heaps continues to pursue his dream to play for Team GB at Para Table Tennis.

After the frustrations of lockdown when competitions and even training took a serious knock, Simon is now back in action with several qualifying competitions taking place internationally. Barring further cancellations, and we know that anything is possible is this new unpredictable world, Simon headed off for the Spanish Para Open on the 13th with the French Open still going ahead at this stage and more in the pipeline. He has also been playing at the German Bundesliga (the only league specific to wheelchair users in Europe) where he emerged the only undefeated player on the day, winning all 6 of the matches he played. All this bodes very well as Simon continues to pursue his dream not just to win Gold for GB but to be the oldest player ever to do so!  What an amazing double achievement that would be.

Simon sent us the link to a great Meridian article that was published on the 13th and which can be accessed through the link below. There are a couple of excellent videos included, which show Simon’s skill and speed and would indicate that neither his age is absolutely not an issue!!

As you may remember from previous articles about Simon, he is a totally self-funding competitor and it is an expensive business. He has raised money himself through various fundraising ventures but as Simon continues to pursue his dream, he has to pay for all his equipment, travel and accommodation, which amounts to a considerable outlay. He is looking for a sponsor but does also have a fundraising page if you’d like to help him. The DBF is delighted to have been able to support this incredibly determined and committed athlete along his journey to the top. As you can see from the picture below, we have been rewarded handsomely with the DBF name proudly on show wherever Simon is competing and we couldn’t be more proud to be associated with him.

Simon continues to pursue his dream
Simon Heaps’ smart DBF branded bags!

We wish him the very best of luck and will continue to update you with his progress…

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