Simon Heaps is adding to his medals

Simon Heaps is adding to his medal tally

I’m delighted to report that our amazing Bader Grant Recipient, Wheelchair Table Tennis player Simon Heaps is adding to his medals tally.

Despite struggling to raise the funds to compete and nearing the bottom of his savings, this incredibly talented and determined athlete has managed to travel to several elite competitions and add to his already considerable tally of medals.

Simon’s results in 2023 to date

  •  2 x Bronze Medals in Saudi Arabia (August)
  • Silver Medal in USA (July)
  • Silver + Gold Medal in Jordan (June)

He is currently raising funds to compete in Argentina in October and then in Thailand in December in the World Ability Sport Games, where he will be attempting to be World Champion.

As you can imagine, all this travelling is hugely expensive. However, it is vital for athletes who are committed to attaining the rankings required to enable selection to compete at the highest level and represent your country. Simon has used his savings to compete as a self-funding athlete, which is testament to his total commitment and determination. Sadly though, as he says,

This will leave my cupboard bare and I still have another tournament to pay for, the Costa Rica Para Open a few days before Xmas. At the moment I cannot afford this event. Simon Heaps – Para Table Tennis Player

It would be desperately sad if Simon, competing not just as a double amputee but also as the oldest competitor on the circuit (speaking as no spring chicken myself, that in itself is worth supporting!), was unable to continue his hard-fought passage to the top.

He has the talent, he has the commitment, he has the guts. Can you help him to have the funds as well?

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. Simon Heaps’ Motto

Please contact Simon if you can support him or if you know anyone who might want to sponsor him. This inspiring man has everything it takes to get right to the top – it’d be such a shame if, despite all his heroic efforts, he’s unable to to see his journey through to its conclusion due to lack of funds. He’s so nearly there…



Simon Heaps is adding to his medal tally
Simon Heaps is adding to his medals with 2 Bronzes following his success in Saudi in August


Simon Heaps is adding to his medal tally
A Silver Medal won in the USA in July

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