Simon Heaps’ sky dive for Pilgrim Bandits

Simon Heaps' sky dive for Pilgrim Bandits

Simon Heaps’ sky dive for Pilgrim Bandits has raised a fantastic £1,000. Congratulations, Simon!

Wheelchair Table Tennis player, Simon Heaps, undertook a new challenge over the weekend. 2 days after his 67th birthday, Simon, a double amputee, successfully completed a tandem sky dive to raise funds for Pilgrim Bandits.

In Simon’s words, “This charity supports ex-service men and women who are injured or needy and who put their lives on the line to defend this great country of ours.” As he said before his jump:

I must be mad but going out of my comfort zone will be good for me and hopefully raise much needed funds for the Charity. Simon Heaps

Personally I think he may be a little mad too as I can’t think of much more terrifying than jumping out of an aeroplane into…air. The fact that Simon is a recent double amputee and would obviously have to leave his prosthetic legs on the aeroplane while in the air, leaving him vulnerable on landing, adds to his incredible courage in making this jump. And the faith of his instructor too, who had never jumped before with a double amputee!

Simon Heaps' sky dive for Pilgrim Bandits
Moment of courage

What impresses me is that Simon, who is currently incredibly busy travelling to tournaments to get the rankings he needs to be selected to compete in his sport of Wheelchair Table Tennis, and desperately trying to raise money to fund his competing, found time to raise considerable funds – over £1000 – for another charity.

As you will see from the interview in the film below, Simon confesses to being a little nervous but mainly excited before the jump. He reports that the experience was incredibly exhilarating and he had a soft landing as, in a perfectly planned and choreographed move, the instructor landed first sliding his legs under Simon to cushion any potential blow on Simon’s stumps! What a hero!



This video still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when I see it! 

There is no doubt that Simon Heaps’ sky dive for Pilgrim Bandits took huge courage. Our heartfelt congratulations to him on this generous and altruistic challenge for such a worthy cause. We are so proud to be associated with Simon and delighted to have been able to support him in his own challenge to win a gold medal in Wheelchair Table Tennis. He is getting ever closer…

If you’d like to find out more about the Pilgrim Bandits and support them or Simon’s own activities – being a self funding athlete is a very expensive business – please check out the links at the bottom of this post.

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