Simon Heaps Table Tennis Marathon update

Simon Heaps Table Tennis Marathon

Simon Heaps Table Tennis Marathon is now completed!

Huge congratulations and respect to the team of 8 who managed to play table tennis continuously for 24 hours over the weekend to raise funds helping Simon  to compete at Wheelchair Table Tennis internationally to the highest level. Simon is totally self-funding, which is not a cheap option as it has to cover travel and all other costs and expenses. It requires huge commitment and determination. Fantastic achievement, and you should all be so proud of yourselves.
I would personally be delighted if Simon achieves his goal of competing as (very probably) the oldest member of Team GB in the Para Olympics as it’s great when anyone scores a blow for the ‘old ‘uns’ and shows others that there are still plenty of opportunities and challenges out there. Write us off at your peril!!
Read on for Simon’s initial report on his Table Tennis Marathon and if you’d like to support him retrospectively and reward his efforts, you’ll find his GoFundMe link at the bottom of this post. Any donations will be very gratefully received.
We’re hoping for some photographs soon, so keep watching this space!

Slowly recovering but we all got through it. It was very hard both physically and mentally but we all pulled each other through it so it was really a team effort. The messages of encouragement that we all received pulled us through and really helped as we did not want to let anybody down. I will always be eternally grateful to my playing partners who supported me on this challenging day by putting their bodies on the line also.
We had great fun as everybody had to play with hard bats, frying pans, their opposite hand, pen hold grip ( Chinese style ), ping pong and of course the ultimate discipline of playing in a wheelchair !!
Thanks for support from the DBF community also.
Simon 🏓🏓♿️♿️
Simon Heaps Table Tennis Marathon
Exhausted but justifiably proud – Simon Heaps Table Tennis Marathon team

Simon Heaps Table Tennis Marathon

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