Simon Heaps up the medals!

Simon Heaps up the medals!
Simon Heaps up the medals!
Simon Heaps up the medals, sporting the most recent Gold and Silver won in Costa Rica.

Wheelchair Table Tennis Player, Simon Heaps, has finished his extraordinary competitive year in great style in San José, Costa Rica, winning a Silver Medal in the Singles Class 4/5 and a Gold Medal in the Doubles Class MD8 with his French partner.

It’s less than a year since Simon lost his second leg to diabetes and, at age 67, he is competing as the oldest player on the circuit so these victories represent amazing strength of character and determination.  During the year he has travelled to no less than 11 countries winning 8 medals in the process. He is a huge talent and has the fighting spirit to take him right to the top.

As you can imagine, pursuing this dream with the travelling and related accommodation costs is extremely expensive and Simon, having got this far, is in danger of running out of funds. He is desperately looking for a sponsor or backing of some kind though you can be assured he will also be continuing to raise funds himself as he has done so staunchly in the past.

As Simon Heaps up the medals, it would be a tragedy if he couldn’t reach his personal goal after such heroic efforts in his successful climb up this very competitive ladder. If you would like to support him you can donate through his fundraising page or, if you’d like to sponsor him or suggest someone who might, please contact him personally. Any help will be very gratefully received.

We have been delighted to have been able to help him on his journey through our Bader Grant Scheme and he has proven himself not just to have the will to succeed but also the talent and determination to make it right to the top. We are also immensely proud to have supported him; he has the Bader spirit in spades and we have no doubt that Sir Douglas would have been cheering him all the way. If you can, please do help this inspiring man who is also striking a blow for the oldies by showing players far younger than him that in sport you write us off at your peril! You will be sure to enjoy the journey with him!

Simon Heaps up the medals
Receiving the Gold Medal for Doubles Class MD8 with his French partner.

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