Spirit of Bader Day

Spirit of Bader Day

Following the 4oth Anniversary of the DBF, we made the decision to scale down our events and concentrate more on the Grant Giving aspect of the charity.

Spirit of Bader

We were sad to give up the very successful Bader Braves Young Aviators programme which had given so much pleasure to so many children with additional needs and their families and carers. However we had had a great run of 12 years of providing flights in light aircrafts at flying clubs and airfields across the UK and felt it was time to change the DBF focus. Some of the wonderful airfields which had hosted the events expressed an interest in continuing and so it was decided to facilitate this on a grant giving basis in line with this new focus. DBF would provide grants to approved airfields and flying clubs to enable them to host the events. It was wonderful that the Moray Flying Club based at Lossiemouth, home of some of our most enjoyable Bader Braves Young Aviators Days, decided to go ahead and hold their own Young Aviators Day. This new venture was given the inspirational name, Spirit of Bader.

The event was held last Saturday 23rd September and was a great success. Children from several local families enjoyed a series of 20 minute flights above Moray in light aircraft owned the Moray Flying Club and piloted by its members.

The day was summed up in a moving quote by Mrs Sharon Aitken, a teacher at Buckie Hight School:

The experience which Moray Flying Club along with the Spirit of Bader offers our young people and their families is truly amazing. To be able to fly in light aircraft as well as all the other special activities they put on during the day is a wonderful opportunity which otherwise our young people and their families would not be able to experience. The youngsters, families and staff were treated with such dignity and respect during the day and I am immensely grateful to everyone who helped make this happen. Sharon Aitken – Teacher at Buckie High School

We are so proud to have been associated with this extremely successful and enjoyable day and very grateful to the Moray Flying Club and RAF Lossiemouth for picking up the baton and flying with it so brilliantly. We’re delighted that Moray Flying Club was the first to hold one of these independent Young Aviators Days as they were one of the first 2 Flying Clubs to host an event when the programme started. Since then we’ve had a very successful partnership with them, and Saturday marked their 15th event in conjunction with DBF. What a great record! It’s wonderful to see Spirit of Bader live on in the skies. A huge thank you to all at the Moray Flying Club and RAF Lossiemouth for your valued support both past and present.

You can see the article in RAF Lossiemouth News by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Spirit of Bader Day

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