Stuff That Works – new knowledge database

Kiera Roche of LimbPower has brought “Stuff That Works” to our attention and is keen to spread the word about this useful new resource.

Stuff That Works is a medical start up where they map medical conditions. Kiera asked them to add Phantom Limb Syndrome and Residual Limb Pain to the conditions they investigate and both groups are now up and running.

Phantom Limb Pain and Residual Limb Pain are real issues for many amputees. LimbPower are working with StuffThatWorks to build a community and gain better insight for you on how to best manage your pain. Please sign up and become part of the solution.

  • StuffThatWorks empowers people with chronic conditions to transform their experience into an organised knowledge database aimed at figuring out which treatments work best.
  • StuffThatWorks applies machine learning to automatically unfold which treatments work best and for whom. The more contributors, the more personalised the insights get.

To find out more, please follow the links:

Phantom Limb Syndrome:

Residual Limb Pain:

It is so good to see how different organisations are working together to help their communities.