Success for Bader Grant Recipient “Manfit”

Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative (Manfit) offers several exercise sessions for amputees including gym sessions at the Manchester College Fitness Suite.

These were funded for about 10 years by the Joint Health Unit, Manchester, which became Public Health Manchester. Just over a year ago we lost our funding for the gym sessions due to government cuts but we managed to secure NHS funding from the Specialised Ability Centre (SAC) Manchester for a year. We then lost the SAC funding. The gym sessions are ideal as they are for an hour which is exclusively for us with free entry (previous funding allowed us to supply a free meal as well). We have been offered the SAC gym for an hour a week but it is in a hospital environment and our members enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the college fitness suite along with the public environment. This is also important to help new amputees rehabilitate in a semi-public location. Hence we needed to raise enough funds to be able to return to the Manchester College Fitness Suite.

We are grateful and very pleased that The Douglas Bader Foundation are now funding our gym session. We are extra pleased that enough funds have been supplied to provide free meals for after the session when people can recuperate and chat together.

For more information, please check out the Manfit website: