Thomas Talbot – My Sporting Journey, Part 5

Our current Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Thomas Talbot, has had a very busy time lately. He recently competed on the RaceRunner that was featured in his previous post, in the National Junior Championships in Coventry coming away with no less than 4 golds! He was also selected to compete at the England Athletics AAA/CAU Disability Championships and, despite racing against seniors, achieved a personal best with an extraordinary time of 24.2 seconds for 100m and won a bronze medal!

There is little let up for this incredibly determined and gifted young athlete as he will now fly our to Spain on Monday to represent his country in the World Games. 
Thomas’s achievements in his sport are extraordinary and are a testament to his guts and determination. He pursues his goal of becoming a Paralympic Athlete with inspiring determination and an incredibly arduous training and competing schedule. Nobody could deserve their success more and we are immensely proud to have been able to support him on his path to the top. 
We know you’ll join us in wishing him the very best of success in Spain. We’re behind you all the way, Thomas!

Thomas – My Sporting Journey Part 5

The start of the 2018 season – Kingston Upon Thames – April 2018

I have quite a busy 2018 competition season coming up and my first races took place at the Weir-Archer Athletics Track in Kingston upon Thames in April. The event was the first of the Cerebral Palsy Sport’s Athletics National Series and despite all the training I had done through the winter I was really nervous.

The 100m was the first race and it went quite well. When the time came in I realised I had broken my personal best time that I had last set in July 2016 at the European Championships. #Progress! The day had started well and I felt really at home on my new RaceRunner. I don’t think people realise just how important getting the right equipment is to an athlete and with the help of the Douglas Bader Foundation I was able to do that.

It was also good to see some of my Racerunning friends at the track and I do enjoy this part of RaceRunning – that I can see people who have become good friends. The next race was the 800m and I felt I had a really good race … and it was as I took over 30 seconds off my PB. The 400m and then the 200m also went really well and again I broke my personal bests for both of those events. A good day at the office!

After each event I always talk to my coach Lee at Lincoln Wellington Athletics Club at the next training session about what went well and what we feel I need to work on. He is a really supportive coach and understands me.

Knowing what competitions were next coming up we trained hard on both speed and endurance during my training sessions and also on the treadmill that I have at home to train on.


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There are more instalments of Thomas’s Sporting Journey to follow and, if he has the energy after competing in Spain, we’ve been promised a report from the World Games. We very much look forward to hearing how he gets on. Keep watching this space…