Thomas Talbot – My Sporting Journey Part 7

I recently went out of synch with the Sporting Journey of our Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Thomas Talbot. Thomas had recently returned from the Cerebral Palsy World Games in Spain, where he did incredibly well, returning with a Silver Medal and, following the change in his International Classification, the accreditation of GB No. 1 RR2 Male – a terrific achievement. I felt that this achievement should be acknowledged with immediate publication.

Now I’m delighted to bring you Part 7 of Thomas’s Sporting Journey. You will find previous instalments via the links below.

Now read on for Part 7 in Thomas’s own words: 

Personal Bests are Always the Goals

I have had a busy month of May with my competiton programme. After the York race on the Bank Holiday Monday, we travelled back up to York on May 12th for the second of the Cerebral Palsy Sport Athletics Series. It was another warm day and I was really quite pleased with my RaceRunning races, I ran a personal best in my 100m and my 400m and solid times for my 200m & 800m.


On May 22nd I then took part in my first 3k of the year at the Lincoln Wellington Athletics Club Road Race Series. It was nice to run with my club mates and I ran the 3k in 17mins. It was not a bad time and great after I had also done a training session on the track too and I got a medal!


On May 30th I attended the Team England World Games 2018 Training Day. It was held at Moulton College in Northamptonshire and involved many of the athletes including myself who have been selected to compete for England at the Cerebral Palsy World Games in August this year. As well as track sessions, it was a busy day of learning at the Team CP England  World Games training day with classification workshop and a really helpful anti-doping workshop delivered by UK Anti-Doping.

It was really important for me as a young athlete to learn about anti-doping and clean sport as there will be anti-doping testing out at the World Games. We have to learn how to manage our medications, how to check medications and what is permitted. I don’t think my Mum will ever look at a flu remedy in the same way again. I found it really helpful and the team from UK Anti-Doping were great!



So May has been a busy month and I’d like to say it gets calmer in June but it is just as busy so I’m getting good at sleeping in cars traveling up to venues and I could not do that without the brilliant support of my Mum, Dad and my little brother Mattie. They are Team Talbot!

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We’re extremely grateful to Thomas for these wonderfully readable and insightful reports into what’s entailed into pursuing your dream as an International Athlete. Part 8 will be following shortly so keep watching this space…