Tia Campbell reports from Tanzania and Kenya

Inspirational Douglas Bader Foundation Bader Grant Recipient, Tia Campbell, has sent us this great report and brilliant photographs from her recent trip to Tanzania and Kenya.


Tia Campbell, 5th from left, and friends


My name is Tia Campbell I am 18 years old and On the 17th of July I undertook the biggest experience of my life, which I could of not done without the Douglas Bader foundation. Sunday the 17th at 7am ,I arrived at Heathrow airport ready to go on the biggest adventure to Tanzania and Kenya for a month.

I was born with a disability, without a right hand. I decided that I wanted to develop myself but also show other people with disabilities that you can do anything you want to do. We undertook different activates for a month such as; building a homeless lady a home, building, working and helping out in schools and working with children and wildlife care. I also learnt traditional African daily activities such as cooking, carrying water on my head from rivers, creating handmade items to be able for them to sell at there markets and planting.

I enjoyed every second in Africa and would recommend anyone who has the chance to travel to just go and do it. However I also had to overcome my own personal hurdles during my time in Africa and had to adapt myself to be able to take part in activities. We did a lot of ground work using shovels I particularly found this hard with only one hand and one point started to feel down that I was struggling to participate, but with the support from my teacher and my camp members I received help and adapted around it and found different way I could use a shovel.

Another goal I had achieved was swimming. I have alway found swimming very difficult with one hand which lead to a fear of actually going out to swim however I overcame that and it goes to show no matter what disability you have if you put your mind to it and support from family and friends you can do anything you can dream off. I want to say a huge thank you to the Douglas Bader foundation and Mr David Bickers himself for making this trip happen and for the support he has gave me for the last year.

You can see a gallery of the wonderful photographs Tia took on her trip, below. Clicking on a thumbnail will enlarge it and you can then progress through the images using the right arrow.

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Thank you for sending us your report, Tia, and the beautiful photographs. We were delighted to be able to help you to achieve this dream and we hope that your adventure will inspire others to have a go. You are an inspiration and have the Bader spirit in spades!