Training the high-tech way!

training the high tech way!

Para Dressage Rider, Richard Neumann, is going from strength to strength. He has kindly sent us some videos of his new training technique: training the high-tech way!

He reports that the equine members of his team are all well. The beautiful Smartie, who took over as Richard’s competition horse when, very sadly, his beloved Otto had to be put to sleep, is still performing brilliantly and is now part of the British Dressage Para Academy. This was a huge achievement given that Richard has only been riding competitively for a relatively short time and, prior to that, had been told by doctors that he was unlikely to walk unaided again! Richard, who is incredibly dedicated and, as you’ll see from an earlier post linked at the bottom of this one, not afraid to push himself to the limits in pursuit of being the best he can be, is apparently working on his balance. It makes me feel tired just watching him train! I was tickled to see how training methods have changed since the dim and distant past when I was taught to ride. Training the high-tech way is such a wonderful addition to the training methods available to riders now and I can’t help wishing that this amazing electronic horse had been in existence then.

I am working on my balance, we are on track for honours to represent Great Britain 🇬🇧 and being a gold rider Richard Neumann – Para Dressage Rider



Richard is also excited about his young horse, Kisper, who he has been gently bringing on since getting him as a youngster. He has huge potential and now Richard is riding him the pair are building a very promising partnership. You can link to a video showing this lovely boy’s potential at the bottom of this post. I predict that this partnership will go to the top and that Richard will achieve his dream of competing for Team GB in the Para Dressage.

Another new training aid is a device which enables riders to see where their weight is on the saddle, enabling a better understanding of balance and weight distribution. It’s fascinating the part science can play in improving riding skills now.

Training the high-tech way!


The start of his fight to reach the top in a new sport in his own words:

I was boxing when I was offered a full time contract to play rugby. During my career I achieved international honours on several occasions, unfortunately on my last international I injured myself in a way that put me in a wheelchair and was advised I would never walk again, that was on May 17th 2010, on May 11th 2011 I took my first unaided step, I wanted to do something to help me  physically, mentally and emotionally get back to my old life as much as I could. (Richard Neumann – Para Dressage Rider)

We are so proud of what Richard has achieved since he first applied for a Bader Grant to help him on his journey and wish him and his team the very best of luck and success ongoing. He couldn’t deserve it more.

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