Ukraine Future Team – Update

Ukraine Future Team

The Ukraine Future Team that we were proud to support with their first 2 missions, recently completed another successful trip to Ukraine with DBF Ambassador, Mike Wildeman.

The purpose of this 3rd Mission was to support amputees in Ukraine, both veterans and civilians, on their path to independence and to inspire a new sense of purpose. Mike, himself an amputee veteran, was the leader of  “Bader’s Bus Company“, the DBF initiative which created the first flying display team comprising of pilots with disabilities. The team did a wonderful job and the “Bus Company” was a great success taking part in several air shows before disbanding. Mike went on to lead “Team Phoenix” which took off from the ashes of “Bader’s Bus Company”!

Mike, no stranger to overcoming the physical and psychological challenges of amputation, was able to talk to the patients as a fellow amputee and to show them that there is the possibility of a good, purposeful and independent life following their operations. He was intensely moved by his visit to Ukraine as you’ll see from the video, and can’t wait to return.

Our British veterans see no boundaries when it comes to the rehabilitation of those injured by war. They will continue to make the case to UK based charities to support overseas veterans. UK veterans, with their vast experience and expertise can be a key part of building a lasting and sustainable peace for Ukraine. Ukraine Future Team

Sadly, the DBF mission statement means that we’re not able to directly support more trips to Ukraine but we are delighted to continue to report on the amazing endeavours and achievements of the Ukraine Future Team and to raise awareness of their work. They are among many brave individuals who undertake these dangerous trips to bring relief in some form to the beleaguered people of Ukraine during this terrible invasion and I take my proverbial hat off to them all.

Of course, these trips are expensive. On the two previous missions, the team have, at their own cost, delivered cars to be used by the Ukrainians in the rescue of  injured people and have delivered numerous soft shell upper limb prosthetics, supplied by Koalaa, for the use of the Ukrainian upper limb amputee veterans they were visiting. These prosthetics proved almost instantly life changing for those receiving them. Many had recovered from their operations but were frustrated by their inability to get back to the frontline to protect their country. Within under an hour in many cases the prosthetics were already being put to good use to enable push ups in one case and guitar playing in another! For the first time some of these patients, for whom it is virtually impossible to access prosthetics in their devastated country, were able to imagine living a worthwhile life again. (You can see more by following the link beneath this post to a previous report.)

Support the Ukraine Future Team

If you’d like to support the Ukraine Future Team on further missions, please contact us and we’d be delighted to put you in touch. All help is so gratefully received and will be put to very good use supporting the brave people of Ukraine.

From being an injured veteran to becoming a catalyst for a more inclusive society

Supporting disabled veterans in post-conflict countries is essential not only for their individual well-being but also for fostering inclusive societies, economic development, peacebuilding, and stability. It is an investment in the future of the nation, ensuring that the aftermath of conflict is transformed into a sustainable and peaceful environment for all.

Read the full article on Mike Wildeman’s part in the Ukraine Future Team’s most recent mission here:

You can also watch him talk about his experience in this moving video:

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