Update from Legs4Africa

Update from Legs4Africa

I was delighted to receive this Update from Legs4Africa, a wonderful charity that successfully overcame all the many bureaucratic hurdles prohibiting the rehoming of obsolete prosthetic limbs, and began taking them to Africa where prosthetics were virtually impossible to obtain for most amputees. We used to get messages occasionally from kind people wanting to pass on prosthetics that were no longer required and it was heartbreaking – and unbelievable given the cost of some of these beautifully engineered limbs – that despite best efforts they were inevitably advised to send them to landfill. It was lovely to learn that Legs4Africa had succeeded in getting prosthetic legs to amputees in Sub-Saharan Africa, genuinely changing the lives of many there as a result. Amazingly since 2014, Legs4Africa has shipped enough parts from broken down legs to build or recycle around 8,000 legs. A wonderful achievement and we congratulate them wholeheartedly.

Read on for the update from Legs4Africa and do check out the heartwarming video…

You will find a link to the Legs4Africa website below this post where you can learn more about this great charity. If you have an obsolete prosthetic leg and would like to donate it, there’s an easy ‘Donate a Leg’ button on the website homepage to get the process started.

This is just a quick update with mostly good news.

Alex Brooker has very kindly delivered a great one year review following our BBC Radio 4 Appeal from this time last year. The BBC have been totally blown away by the video that we’ve put together for it and plan to make a feature over the coming weeks.

Alex Brooker presents: one year since our BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Another consignment arrived at the Brother Tarcisius College in Ghana, providing prosthetists and technician students components to train with.

Legs delivered to the Brother Tarcisius College in Ghana!

Most of the African region is seeing a decrease in COVID case numbers and deaths, but 13 countries still have increases in new daily cases. 20 countries are experiencing high or uncontrolled levels of community transmission.

COVID is still dampening Legs4Africa’s projects in Africa, and we’re doing what we can with the resources that we have. The landscape seems to be changing quite rapidly, so we are being as nimble as possible to support our network of mobility centres.

Tom Williams

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