Update from Manfit – Anthony’s Story – Ten Principles in Action

Our previous Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Manfit, has sent us this great update relating to their swimming classes. As you’ll know from previous Manfit posts, they offer fitness sessions for amputees but maybe you didn’t know that you can also swim with them, which Anthony whose story features below, clearly enjoys.

If you scroll down towards the bottom of the post, you’ll find a link which will enable you to find out more about the Ten Principles. 

Anthony’s story – Ten Principles in action

For the past five years Anthony has attended Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative (MANFIT) swimming classes. He tells us how much he looks forward to attending the sessions and how comfortable he feels when he gets there.

This week Activity Alliance, supported by Sport England, is releasing five Ten Principles in action films. Following on from the first film released in June that introduced the Principles.

The five films feature disabled people talking about how activity fits into their life and what it means to them to be active. Each film pinpoints two principles out of the ten to demonstrate how these work in action.

Today, viewers meet swimmer Anthony, his story focuses on welcome me and my life story.

Anthony told Activity Alliance:

“I’ve always swam, before the amputation I swam for years on a regular basis. Obviously it’s different and you have to adapt as a double amputee. It’s just carrying on with your life.”

Pat, Tony’s wife, said:

“We both enjoyed swimming before. At first we didn’t think that Anthony could come swimming to a session like this. So it’s been really great and helpful to both of us.”

Click on the following link to watch Anthony in action and to find out more about the 10 Principles: 


“Whilst many providers already offer opportunities for disabled people to take part, the high number of disabled people who are inactive remains a major cause for concern. Disabled people told us that, too often, they are unaware of opportunities available to them or said that what is offered is not appealing or accessible enough.

“These films provide a range of ideas on how we can all make opportunities attractive and inclusive. What’s clear from our experience of applying the principles is that they can be adapted to all audiences but include some considerations which are particularly important to successfully engaging disabled people.”

The Ten Principles in action films are available on Activity Alliance’s YouTube Channel. To watch Shay, TP, Tony, Anthony, Hannah and Tony’s stories visit the playlist here.

For more information about the Ten Principles and Talk to Me report, visit our research page, or contact 

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