Upper Limb Prosthetic Users Sought

Upper Limb Prosthetic Users Sought

Sensory Feedback for Upper-Limb Prostheses Home Study

Upper limb prosthetic users sought by University of Bath student, Leen Jabban, to participate in a 6-week study on sensory feedback for upper-limb prostheses. To know more, and register your interest please follow the link at the bottom of this post.
Upper Limb Prosthetic Users Sought

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Page 1: study purpose and privacy notice

Upper limb prosthetic users sought as upper-limb prostheses can be difficult to use due to many reasons. Researchers at the University of Bath are working on developing a system that provides the users of upper-limb prostheses with haptic feedback.

The development and evaluation of prostheses in the lab makes it difficult to understand the potential benefits of sensory feedback in a day-to-day context and how sensory feedback can be designed to match user needs.

Thus, this project explores the home use of sensory feedback through a vibrotactile feedback “kit” will comprise sensors, vibration effectors, and will be connected to the internet through WiFi. The internet connectivity will allow the user to control the device via an app and the researchers to track device usage and potential issues. Weekly interviews will be scheduled to allow participants to share how they are finding the feedback system and any suggestions they have. Where possible, suggestions could be implemented right away through “over the air” updates.

This survey is to register interest in participating in this research. We are only able to accept a limited number of participants, and you will be contacted if you have been chosen to participate. You will receive £400 for the completion of the entire study.

This survey also gives you the opportunity to be part of our mailing list about upcoming research participation opportunities in the next 3 years.

The video below provides an overview of the project.

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