Vascular Priority Setting Partnership – responses required please by people dealing with vascular conditions

I recently posted a request for amputee volunteers to take part in research into post-amputation limb pain. I accidentally included a 2nd survey in that post, which is a separate National Survey requiring an independent request for people affected by a vascular condition, whether patients or carers. Herewith, with my apologies, is the survey, the results of which will again be helpful, this time to those who suffer from these conditions. We are delighted to support this  useful and beneficial research, please do take part if this is relevant to you or someone you care for. 

A national survey has been launched by the Vascular Priority Setting Partnership and the James Lind Alliance, to identify the top 10 research priorities for Vascular in the UK.

Vascular patients, families and their carers are invited to submit questions in their own words. The results of this short survey will help researchers focus on the most urgent needs of people living with vascular conditions.

The Douglas Bader Foundation is supporting the project to ensure as many different perspectives as possible are represented in the survey responses. 

If you or someone you care for is affected by a vascular condition, please take part in the survey. It takes about 10 minutes and can be completed online via the project website here where you can also find more inspiration. You can also request a paper version and freepost envelope.

Thank you for your help #VascularJLA

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