Whose bag is this?

Whose bag is this?

…and what does it signify?

We’re delighted to announce that LimbPower’s link to World Abilitysport has already benefited Wheelchair Table Tennis Player, Simon Heaps!

Whose bag is this? And what does it signify?

Following the recent great news that LimbPower has linked with World Abilitysport Simon was entered for the Games by LimbPower and with support from a Bader Grant, he will now be able to attend the Games when they are held in Thailand from 1st to 9th December. This is wonderful news for Simon, a self-funding athlete who, with funds rapidly running out, was looking at the sad prospect of having to abandon his hopes of playing in the World Championships. It would have been a tragedy as he has been doing phenomenally well, climbing steadily up the world rankings and beating top players along the way. And this despite having to have his second lower limb amputation in January last year.

Simon has been pursuing a punishing itinerary, travelling to competitions around the world in a bid to gain the points needed to enter the Championships. The cost of travel plus accommodation and living expenses involved in pursuing his dream is huge as you can imagine, and it is a mark of his absolute determination and dedication to his sport that he has got this far almost solely funding his own expenses.

The Games should be the largest gathering of disabled athletes ever, bigger even than the Paralympics. Simon Heaps

There are 11 sports featured with Table Tennis being one. Simon tells us that the Games were previously called the IWAS (International Wheelchair Amputee Sports Federation). This inspiring athlete will be GB’s only representative in Wheelchair Table Tennis. With his entry approved and ratified by British Para Table Tennis, Simon is all set to attend the Games and will no doubt be training every spare moment. It’s worth remembering that as well as being the only GB representative, Simon is also carrying the flag for the over-60’s. He’s the oldest player competing and has already shown many of the younger and higher ranked players he’s beaten that they write him off at their peril! It’s lovely to see an older player showing that it’s still possible not just to compete but to win at the top level.

He has already travelled extensively this year as you can see from previous posts by following the link at the bottom of this page, and his current itinerary means that he arrived in Argentina to compete on the 4th October. There he was again GB’s only player and with no coach or practice partner was literally carrying the GB flag on his own. As covered above, it’s Thailand in December hopefully followed by Costa Rica a week later after which he should be back just in time for Christmas! Simon certainly doesn’t let the grass grow under his wheels!

Simon’s aim is to be crowned World Champion in Thailand in December. He believes that based on his current form and his recent wins, this is entirely possible and we believe him…

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. (Simon Heaps’ Motto)

We are so proud of what this incredible athlete has accomplished since he first approached the DBF for a Bader Grant. He is an absolute star and it would be wonderful to see him return with a Gold Medal. We will be rooting for him and he is going to be keeping his fingers crossed too, of course. As he says:

I will keep my fingers crossed, no legs so nothing else to cross Simon Heaps

Whose bag is this?

The DBF logo proudly adorning Simon’s bag as we are proud to support his inspiring achievements.

We’ll keep you informed about Simon’s progress. Please join us in wishing him the success he deserves.

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