Wonder Moms – a New Blog with Parents of Children with Special Needs in Mind

We were grateful to hear from Christy, owner and writer for Wonder Moms, a Blog for parents of children with special needs. Christy, who has a non-verbal son and was concerned about how he would fare during the transition to adulthood (a difficult transition for most at the best of times!), had done a lot of research into ways to support him and come across several useful links that she sent on to us believing they may help other parents in similar situations. These links, many offering information new to our pages, have now been included in various categories of our Useful Links Pages in the Bader Information section of the website and can be found in “Education”, “Independent Living” and “Kids”. 

I also felt that Christy’s Blog was such a helpful resource in its own right that I created a new category called Parenting, where it can now be found.

I’m aware, however, that our resources pages can be a little hard to find unless you know where to look (something we’re currently working on) so I thought I’d bring Christy’s Wonder Mom Blog directly to you as a way of discovering these pages if you haven’t already. The Blog covers a range of topics with the parenting of a child with special needs in mind, from sleep, chronic illness, back-to-school and more and you’ll find a lot of helpful and thoughtful information. 

We are always delighted to receive links and advice from people who spot a gap in the resources we are able to offer through the website so please do also send in anything you may come across that you feel could help others.

In the meantime, our thanks to Christy for contacting us. We wish her well with her Blog and with raising her son who is clearly fortunate to have such a supportive Wonder Mom! 

If you’d like to contact Christy you’ll find comment boxes at the end of each category as well as contact details on the Blog.