Team Bader

Team Bader

Team Bader encourages and supports people affected by disability or limb loss to engage in sport or activities to aid their physical and psychological wellbeing


Fitness is known to aid healing and rehabilitation after amputation and other operations and is, of course, beneficial for circulation and the health of mind and body generally.

The benefits for amputees and other disabled in taking part in a sport has long been known. I don’t think you can overestimate what sport can give you.

Martine Wright, double amputee


The sense of wellbeing that goes with exercise and physical fitness induces feelings of satisfaction and self-worth. Achieving success or simply improvement in a new sport or activity, or as a new amputee in a known sport or activity, is a great confidence-booster.


Getting involved with a sport or activity usually means meeting other people, and training and socialising with them is a great way to make new friends and contacts. This can be particularly true if participating in a team sport.

DBF Ambassador, Margaret Biggs

DBF Ambasador Margaret Biggs, affectionately known as Leggz, is an amputee and keen cyclist who co-founded Team Bader Cycling:

I’ve managed to overcome many problems in coming to terms with my new ‘self’

“I’ve managed to overcome many problems in coming to terms with my new ‘self’ and adapting to cycling with a prosthetic leg, including riding with the GB Para Cycling Team. My desire is to help other amputees to enjoy cycling – a wonderful sport, pastime and means of transport – through the Douglas Bader Foundation.”

Team Bader Cycling

Team Bader cycling was formed in 2013 to inspire and encourage amputees into cycling

Initiated by DBF ambassadors, Margaret (Maggz) Biggs and Wyn Jenkins, TEAM BADER Cycling launched with “Tandem Challenge Wales” in April 2013.

Wyn Jenkins and Margaret Biggs in DBF Kit on board the tandem they rode during Tandem Challenge Wales

Maggz and Wyn completed the gruelling challenge on the 15th April 2013. Riding a tandem and accompanied by 2 other amputee cyclists, Gemma Trotter and Colin Davies, and several members of Wyn’s cycling club, County Merlin Cycles (based at County Cycles at Cross Hands), Wyn and Maggz rode the 200 mile ‘vertical axis of Wales’ in 4 days.

Time Trials

Since that wonderful kick-off, Team Bader (Cycling) has taken part in several Time Trial events on the cycling Time Trials (CTT) Circuit. Team Bader Cycling got off to a great start in 2015 when co-founder, Margaret “Maggi” Biggs, was awarded a medal and certificate at a Champions’ Night Dinner for her achievements competing on the Time Trials Circuit.

Sadly, personal circumstances have meant that the team haven’t been able to take part in Time Trials recently but we are hoping to reinstate this valuable and thoroughly enjoyable aspect of the cycling calendar shortly and are always looking for new recruits to the team.

Cycle Rides

Team Bader (Cycling) not only takes part in Sportives and other cycle events, but Ambassador Wyn Jenkins devised a bespoke themed Ride to benefit the charity while encouraging more cyclists with disabilities to participate in the sport. It was proudly the first fully inclusive Sportive. The DamBusters Cycle Ride, commemorating the dramatic historical event, had 3 wonderfully successful years ending on an absolute high with the third in May 2018. It was a firm favourite on the DBF calendar and we were extremely grateful to Wyn for initiating it and for all his hard work in organising it so successfully for its 3 years duration. Some happy and memorable times were had by all.

While the DamBusters could never be replicated, we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to instigate a cycling event on behalf of the DBF. You can be sure of a lot of support…

Get Involved With Team Bader (Cycling)

Maggz and Wyn are hoping that more amputees and people with other disabilities, as well as able-bodied supporters, will join them in Team Bader (Cycling) to experience the pleasures and benefits of cycling or to take it a step further and participate in the various Events and Challenges in the Cycling Calendar. Please contact us if you’d like to be involved.

If you want to try cycling for the first time, improve rusty skills along with the rusty bicycle, or come back to the sport following an amputation, operation or other life-changing event, Maggz and Wyn will be happy to provide advice and encouragement and we will hopefully be able to point you in the direction of cycling clubs in your area where you can train for your chosen Event. You can be sure that, whatever your level of ability or experience, you will be given a very warm welcome by this wonderfully inclusive sport.

The Kit

Participants will be equipped with the Team Bader (Cycling) Kit designed by Maggz so, even if you’re not fund-raising, wearing this cool kit you’ll be guaranteed to raise awareness of the charity!

The Team Bader Cycling Kit

Whatever your disability, whatever your experience, whatever your age, whatever your fitness, all will be very welcome and encouraged to become part of TEAM BADER.

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