Ellie Bush

  • Name: Ellie Bush
  • Disability: PTSD and CFS/ME
  • Bader Grant awarded on: 11/01/2018
  • Bader Grant awarded for: Grants given towards funding of Ellie's MA studies


Ellie made a successful application to the DBF Grant Scheme for funding towards the cost of 2 years study (2018/2019-20) for a masters degree in Contemporary Art Practice.

She completed her MA graduating in August right in the midst of the pandemic. Ellie produced some fantastic work for her MA gaining hard-won distinctions for much of her practical and written work as well as a scholarship using her own experience of trauma to inform her work.

She writes:

I began to explore different ways of thinking about time in relation to both trauma and material objects and visual culture. For my last essay, I was also awarded a distinction, which was a great encouragement. I’m currently working with my tutor post-graduation, to see whether a phD might be feasible on the back of this research in the coming years.
Overall, it feels difficult to understate how important the support of the foundation was for my wellbeing and ambitions. I really had no way of supporting myself on the course without the two grants and the grades I received for my work have really pushed me to be more ambitious in what I can consider for in the future. I’m still working in my research administration job, but the grades and the recent VACMA grant have pushed me to think beyond this and try to build a career around an art and research practice, which should hopefully be flexible enough that I will be able to better support my health and recover from PTSD and CFS/ME.
A massive thank you again to both Douglas Bader Foundation. Please do keep continuing to support disabled students as it really can be a life-changing influence and way into education, otherwise inaccessible.
With best wishes,
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