Oliver Vaughan-Jones

  • Name: Oliver Vaughan-Jones
  • Disability: Repercussions from Neurological Disease
  • Bader Grant awarded on: 01/02/2023
  • Bader Grant awarded for: To support Oliver to compete in some of the Adaptive World Tour Events and return to the ISA World Championships in December.


Oliver had enjoyed surfing before he was hit by a devastating neurological disease out of the blue in his mid-20s. This resulted in him being hospitalised and bedridden. He was finally able to use a wheelchair and decided to try surfing again. His first attempts were repaid with pain and exhaustion but he persevered, became hooked and was eventually found that knee surfing suited him. Invited to take part in the English Open he did well enough to be given the chance to represent England at the World Championships in California the following December.

He is now aiming to reach the top.

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