Richard Neumann is back in the saddle after a setback

Bader Grant Recipient, Richard Neumann, Para-Dressage rider, sadly had another setback to his planned start to the competition season when Otto developed an abscess, knocking plans to compete on the 25th February on the head.

However, training in earnest has continued and all the preparations for the 25th meant that Otto was ‘match ready’, with mane and tail pulled and looking every inch a champion!

We have just received a new update from Richard with the wonderful news that he and Otto have been asked to apply for the home internationals squad. As he says, nothing is certain because of disruption to just about every aspect of life caused by the Coronavirus., but it is a great acknowledgement of how far Team Neumann have come already.

Above you can see Otto enjoying his heat treatment, (lucky Otto!), and below a clip from the video of his recent training sessions. It’s lovely to see the improvement in this beautiful horse and must be very gratifying for Richard to see his hard work bringing such tangible results.