Science meets limb difference with Scientific Research for the Limbless Community. A very exciting concept offering the opportunity for the scientific community to work with the limb difference community in a whole variety of ways that can benefit both.

This site was established by a research group located in the Department of Psychology and School of Computer Science & Electronic Engineering at University of Essex (UK) working in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence & robotics with the great passion of learning about humans and their abilities.

Read on for more information about this innovative development which has taken much thought, commitment and hard work to realise.

A place for exchanging ideas and new research findings in the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Artificial intelligence

Are you a person aged 18 years or older, with or without limb loss?
Are you interested in understanding more about living a world with limb loss?
Would you like to help the scientific and limbless communities by participating in our research projects?

Are you looking for an online platform where to find scientific articles on limbless research and post your questions?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, visit our new website ( on Scientific Research for the Limbless Community for more information and sign up to participate in our studies!


We are a dedicated research group based at the University of Essex who wants to create a dialogue between the limbless and scientific communities. Our scientific research revolves around understanding the role of bodily experiences (e.g. touch perception, movement) and their loss in developing mental images of our own self and of other people. Through novel research studies, we hope to better understand the experience of living with limb loss, leading the way for further cutting-edge research in multi-disciplinary scientific research fields. In addition, we also look forward to knowing what questions people with limb loss may have that could direct scientific research in the future.
Visit our website to browse our currently available research studies and become a participant, check some interesting scientific papers regarding the limbless community, and post questions and topics that you would like to see addressed by the scientific research in the future.
We look forward to you joining our Scientific Research for the Limbless Community!
science meets limb difference