Exciting update from Mike Miller-Smith at Aerobility

Aerobility, the charity that partnered the DBF to put ‘Bader’s Bus Company’ into the air has a new exciting project…

Mike Miller-Smith reports that former MOD gliders, originally used to train thousands of Air Cadets, will get a new lease of life and be used to change lives.

Motor gliders will bring joy to people with disabilities

Aerobility CEO, Mike Miller-Smith

Please click on the link to see the article as published in the RAF News.

We wish CEO, Mike Miller-Smith, and all at Aerobility the best of success with this inspiring project.

First Follow up to the Debut Performances by Bader’s Bus Company and Bader’s Big Band

Following the debut performance of Bader’s Bus Company on the 5th September you can now see a film made by Charley Bickers of the team’s first display flight. This short film has been set to the music created by Guy Farley especially for the project so it will give you a taster of what’s to come.

Hot on the heels of Bader’s Bus Company’s debut, Bader’s Big Band had their first ever public performance at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Under the guidance of Paul Clark, Band Leader, the musicians played their collective socks off and brought the house down!

Here is a short compilation video of their first performance. At one point they are being conducted by Al Murray the Pub Landlord TV personality!

It is hoped that in future these 2 ambitious projects can be linked, with Bader’s Big Band playing at airshows following performances by Bader’s Bus Company.

We are extremely proud of the pilots and musicians who comprise Bader’s Bus Company and Bader’s Big Band and delighted by the success of both these debut performances. The future of both projects couldn’t look more positive and we look forward to exciting developments.

2 DBF Debuts go With a Bang!


Both our major projects recently held their debut performances and we’re delighted to report that both went brilliantly.

Bader’s Bus Company took off on their first public team flight on Wednesday 5th September, the anniversary of the death of Sir Douglas, at Blackbushe Airport. They pilots did themselves proud with a wonderfully tight performance and their enthusiasm for the project in subsequent interviews promises more to come. Media coverage will be published on the website shortly.

Bader’s Big Band followed with their inaugural public performance at the OHMI Gala Concert, part of the OHMI 2018 Conference and Awards, 2 days later in the prestigious Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. They performed brilliantly and to great audience acclaim. Again, a full report will follow.

In the meantime, our huge thanks and to all concerned for making these 2 big DBF dreams a reality and for their part in showing that it truly is not what you can’t do but what you can do that counts. As Steve Case has said:

You shouldn’t focus on why you can’t do something, which is what most people do. You should focus on why perhaps you can, and be one of the exceptions.

Congratulations to all the Bader’s Bus Company pilots and all the Bader’s Big Band musicians; you have proved that right in spades. We are so proud of all you have achieved. 

Bader’s Bus Company – BBC South Report

Our exciting initiative, Bader’s Bus Company, is getting some wonderful publicity. Here is a report from BBC South featuring the UK’s 1st Disabled Flying Display Team and Team Captain Mike Wildeman. 

Mike Wildeman

Mike has a decorated flying career. As a former RAF pilot, he saw service in the first Gulf War, Bosnia, Somalia and Rwanda. For the last 20 years he has been flying for Virgin Atlantic where he is currently employed part time as a Captain. As a result of a serious motorcycle accident in 2000, numerous failed operations, a deteriorating ability to walk and constant and increasing pain, Mike underwent a below knee amputation on his left leg in January 2017 

The team are going from strength to strength and have their debut performance on the 5th September, the 36th anniversary of the death of Sir Douglas, in memory of his life.


Bader’s Bus Company – BBC Breakfast Interview with Charley Bickers

You’ve seen the video, now here is the opportunity for those of you who missed it live, to see Charley Bickers being interviewed on BBC Breakfast Television on Sunday 29th July about his concept, “Bader’s Bus Company”. 

There really couldn’t have been any other name for the team but, if you don’t know the story, you’ll have to listen to the interview to find out why!




Bader’s Bus Company – The Film!

Following the footage and interview with Charley Bickers on BBC Breakfast television on Sunday 30th July, we are now able to show you the amazing and moving video about our very exciting and ambitious new project: “Bader’s Bus Company“.

With this project we aim to create the UK’s first flying display team comprised entirely of pilots with disabilities. Although we haven’t been able to publicise the project until now, a lot of work has already gone on behind the scenes with three experienced pilots selected from the original applicants.  To fly in formation is incredibly dangerous and goes against a pilot’s basic training and instincts and the intention is that more pilots will join this team as they meet the extremely high standard and flying hours required to undertake this challenge..

Every time you add an aeroplane to a formation it becomes harder and harder because there’s nowhere to go if someone makes a mistake.

Each pilot’s life is essentially in the hands of the other pilots and the project requires huge trust as well as expertise. We are humbled as well as excited to have their involvement – without them it the project wouldn’t be possible.

Our sincere thanks also to all concerned who have helped us to get to this point. There will be more to follow shortly but for now just sit back and enjoy this inspiring video.

The first time in British history that disabled pilots have flow in formation.

For more information, please contact Charley Bickers: