DBF Grant Recipient on the One Show

Nathan Doidge

32 year old Nathan Doidge, born with cerebral palsy, is described as  the ‘most profoundly disabled Pilot in the World’.

Nathan recently gained his Private Pilots’ Licence, funded and supported by the DBF Grant Scheme and trained by Aerobility at Blackbushe, and has flown over 14 hours solo. Chris Evans met Nathan and  was so taken with him that he rocked  up with a TV crew on Tuesday and they shot a piece with Nathan flying Chris and an interview for Friday’s One Show.

Nathan says on the Douglas Bader Foundation Facebook Page: ”If interested, please Like and share this page. I’ll be eternally grateful for DBF’s unwavering and continued support in getting me to where I am today. Thanks everyone” Nathan

You can click HERE to see a very cool Chris Evans being expertly piloted by an equally cool Nathan Doidge! Please make sure you have your sound turned on. (These links can be short-lived so please let me know if you’re unable to open it and I’ll remove it it prevent further frustration for others!)


The photo of Nathan is courtesy of the Aerobility Blogspot and clicking on it will take you to the page