The devastating effects of COVID-19 are truly being felt now across the UK. We can also see the repercussions of the Coronavirus in other countries ahead of us in the pandemic, and the wisdom of the government’s advice regarding self-isolation and social distancing, and the vital importance of following it have become apparent. 

DBF policy regarding COVID-19: We have been in discussion with fellow charities and associated organisations such as Over The Wall, who we were working with this year to organise Adventure Camps for our Braves, and seeking advice from the airfields and flying clubs that host our Young Aviators Days, to evolve a cohesive plan of action to protect the community we all work with. We’ve devised this policy in conjunction with statements and analysis from the Department of Health and Social Care and others and regular Government updates.

Of prime importance is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our Braves and others in the DBF community, many of whom fall into at-risk categories.

Health Camps: With regret, we have, in agreement with Over The Wall, postponed all Spring and Summer Health Camps and a decision has been deferred on remaining Autumn camps until more information is available.

Young Aviators Days: Keith Delderfield is trying to reschedule our earlier Young Aviators Days until later in the year when the crisis may have passed. He has already successfully achieved that with Kinloss, Eshott and Sandown and is in communication regarding others.

The volatility of this situation means that uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain and we will, of course, keep you updated regarding further developments throughout this challenging time.

In the meantime, look after yourselves and stay well.