Hibi – free care support app

Sam Milliken-Smith, co-founder of Hibi – free care support app, contacted us to bring our attention to this care organisation.


Hibi - free care support app

Hibi – Free Care Support Ap

I’m Sam and run a care organisation called Hibi. Hibi is a free care support app for families of children with developmental differences & health conditions used by 7,000+ families around the world and supported by partners including the University of Cambridge.

We built Hibi having ourselves seen how fragmented and complex care systems can be for families. Managing, coordinating & navigating care is overwhelming.

Today, we’re left with towers of paper folders, long waits on telephone helplines, and a whole lot of Google-ing. We founded Hibi with the mission to make sure that all children and their families have the tools, resources and support they need to receive the best care possible.

I built Hibi from personal experience, and we provide families access to tools to store, track & share key information, as well as access to care navigation guidance. You can view a short demo video here.

(Sam Milliken-Smith)


We’re always learning at Hibi, so please do let us know any thoughts, questions or feedback.

It’s always a treat to hear from people who have faced challenges arising from their own situations but then take action (rather than think about taking action as so many of us tend to do!) to make life easier for the people following. Thank you, Sam.

We’re grateful to Sam for getting in touch and feel sure that many caregivers will benefit from Hibi.

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