Please Help With New Research into Phantom Limb Pain

Jonas Gravli has contacted us as he is researching an innovative way to help people with phantom limb pain and would like volunteers to take part in his online survey. This should only take 15 minutes at the most and could ultimately be of help to people suffering the horrors of phantom limb pain. Please give 15 minutes of your time to support Jonas’s work.

I hope to use this to contribute towards the improvement of phantom limb pain management. Jonas Gravli

Experiencing phantom limb pain?

 Hi, I am Jonas Gravli. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and I am currently completing my Masters degree in Health Psychology, with the University of Nottingham, England. I am personally interested in improving the treatment options available for people who experience post-amputation pain, particularly phantom limb pain. I am posting here to ask you about the opportunity to complete an online survey I am carrying out for my dissertation. This survey is measuring aspects of your use of online groups (such as this one) and how that could affect your experience of phantom limb pain and your daily life. However, we require that you are above the age of 18 to participate.

Previous studies have demonstrated that participating in an online support group can improve the way individuals with other forms of chronic pain manage their conditions. No such studies have been undertaken for phantom limb pain. Despite the negative impact phantom limb pain can have on one’s life. As such, I am interested in finding out whether participating in online support groups could improve the way individuals experiencing phantom limb pain manage their condition.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to complete an online survey for us. If you experience phantom limb pain to any degree. It should only take 15 minutes at the most. As a mean to demonstrate my gratitude, we will be giving away five £20 (equivalent to $26 American) online gift vouchers (of your choice) to five random participants.
Further information and access will be provided to you through this link:

Your participation is very important to us and we still require more participants. As there will be no study without it. I would therefore like to thank you for considering this request. If you follow the link above, I have left you with my contact information () to answer any questions you might have after reading the information provided. And further information about the prize draw. Again, I would like to thank you for considering participating in the study. I hope to use this to contribute towards the improvement of phantom limb pain management.

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