Thomas Talbot Agrees to be the DBF’s First Junior Ambassador!

We are delighted to report that Thomas Talbot, RaceRunner, who you will have met through various DBF posts has accepted our invitation to become the DBF’s first ever Junior Ambassador. 

The DBF has a small team of Ambassadors who are selected because they have shown considerable support of the charity and because they represent both the ethos of the DBF and the ‘can do’ spirit of Sir Douglas, whose determination to pursue a full and active life despite the amputation of both legs resulted in sackfuls of letters from the public on his death and sparked the inception of the charity.  There is no doubt that Thomas has displayed this determination in spades and we feel that he is a very worthy source of inspiration to young (and not so young!) people in his own right.

We can’t think of anyone more suited to breaking this new ground for the DBF and we are enormously proud to have his support and presence on the team.

You can find out more about Thomas and his achievements through various posts on the site, which you can access through the links below.

Despite being born with Cerebral Palsy, he has shown dogged determination to succeed as a RaceRunner with the ambition to go right to the top. He has also displayed incredible maturity in coping with a series of operations and coming through them all with that determination and ambition intact. His attitude has paid off and he has had a hugely successful year not only resulting in the achievements chronicled through his Sporting Journey, which has been published on the Website (link below), but also recently winning North Kesteven District Council’s Community Champions Young Achiever of the Year. He then went on to be nominated as Sports Achiever of the Year Award with Cerebral Palsy Sport – a wonderful surprise for his mother also as she didn’t know and had to announce it! His year of achievements culminated a couple of weeks ago in him winning the Active Lincolnshire County Disabled Sportsperson of the Year Award. A fantastic year for this incredibly committed and determined young athlete and thoroughly well deserved.

After discussing our invitation to become the first Junior DBF Ambassador with his family, Thomas said he would be delighted to accept and, in his words:

I’m really humbled to be asked and proud to give something back to a Foundation who has supported me so much. Thank You. Thomas Talbot – 1st Junior DBF Ambassador


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