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Providing prosthetic arms for UK children

“Help us to help them” – Sir Douglas Bader

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The Coronavirus has put additional strain on the NHS resulting in children under 9 having to wait for a prosthetic arm. Our aim is to minimise the impact on children by supplying them with the prosthetic arms they need.

  • Many NHS prosthetic services have been greatly restricted by Coronvirus
  • Extended waiting lists for prosthetic fitting
  • Children and their families being affected

Bader Grant recipient and award-winning British start-up company MITT have teamed up with charities focusing on children with upper limb impairment who include The Douglas Bader Foundation, REACH, LimBo and LimbPower.

Together they have already managed to raise £30,000 but now need your help to raise a further £250,000 to provide prosthetic limbs to children under 9 years of age.

This appeal is urgent. Help us to help them – Support the LiMITTless project – Now!

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