News From Manfit – Bev’s Charity Head Shave

Thanks to Margaret from the fantastic charity, Manfit, who a while ago now promised me photographs of Manfit member Graham’s partner, Bev, undergoing her sponsored head shave and was true to her word!

Herewith the photographs of brave Bev, who actually looks stunning with her shaved head. It must feel a bit chilly though…

Fantastic effort, Bev, and for such a deserving cause. Congratulations to you, and huge respect!

Read on for Margaret’s report and photographs and, below that, access to the links which will enable you to find out more about this wonderfully positive, friendly and supportive organisation.

Bev who is the partner of Manfit member Graham Duff did a sponsored head shave for Christies and Manfit funds. She bravely had her beautiful long blond hair shaved off! She raised over £2000! She has split the funds between Christies and Manfit and we were very grateful to receive a cheque for £1100.

Here (attached) are some photos of Bev before her head shave, Bev’s head shave and then of her presentation to some of our members.


Dr Margaret Tyson MPHe

Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative (Manfit)

Congratulations, Bev!

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Update from Manfit – Anthony’s Story – Ten Principles in Action

Our previous Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Manfit, has sent us this great update relating to their swimming classes. As you’ll know from previous Manfit posts, they offer fitness sessions for amputees but maybe you didn’t know that you can also swim with them, which Anthony whose story features below, clearly enjoys.

If you scroll down towards the bottom of the post, you’ll find a link which will enable you to find out more about the Ten Principles. 

Anthony’s story – Ten Principles in action

For the past five years Anthony has attended Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative (MANFIT) swimming classes. He tells us how much he looks forward to attending the sessions and how comfortable he feels when he gets there.

This week Activity Alliance, supported by Sport England, is releasing five Ten Principles in action films. Following on from the first film released in June that introduced the Principles.

The five films feature disabled people talking about how activity fits into their life and what it means to them to be active. Each film pinpoints two principles out of the ten to demonstrate how these work in action.

Today, viewers meet swimmer Anthony, his story focuses on welcome me and my life story.

Anthony told Activity Alliance:

“I’ve always swam, before the amputation I swam for years on a regular basis. Obviously it’s different and you have to adapt as a double amputee. It’s just carrying on with your life.”

Pat, Tony’s wife, said:

“We both enjoyed swimming before. At first we didn’t think that Anthony could come swimming to a session like this. So it’s been really great and helpful to both of us.”

Click on the following link to watch Anthony in action and to find out more about the 10 Principles: 


“Whilst many providers already offer opportunities for disabled people to take part, the high number of disabled people who are inactive remains a major cause for concern. Disabled people told us that, too often, they are unaware of opportunities available to them or said that what is offered is not appealing or accessible enough.

“These films provide a range of ideas on how we can all make opportunities attractive and inclusive. What’s clear from our experience of applying the principles is that they can be adapted to all audiences but include some considerations which are particularly important to successfully engaging disabled people.”

The Ten Principles in action films are available on Activity Alliance’s YouTube Channel. To watch Shay, TP, Tony, Anthony, Hannah and Tony’s stories visit the playlist here.

For more information about the Ten Principles and Talk to Me report, visit our research page, or contact 

Useful Links:

Click on the link to see more posts from Manfit where you’ll find information and contact details if you feel inspired to join this friendly, supportive and pro-active group: /?s=Manfit&from=dbf

MANFIT Coffee Morning

Our previous Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, the wonderfully pro-active MANFIT (Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative), will be holding a Coffee Morning on Thursday 19th April to introduce themselves to those of you who may not have come across them already. This is a lovely, friendly, inclusive group so why not go along and check it out…


For more information, contact Margaret on 07776 181180 or visit the Manfit Website by clicking on the link which will open in a new tab.

If you’d like to print and distribute a copy of the Manfit Coffee Morning Flyer, please click on the link. It will open as a pdf in a new tab.

Manfit – Second User Profile: Bill’s Story

As you’ll know, our current Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, MANFIT (Manchester Amputee fitness Initiative) kindly agreed to send us personal stories of some of their users. We met Ron last month, now you can see how gym trainer, Bill Shone, became involved…

Bill Shone’s (our gym trainer) story

Here’s Bill Shone, Manfit’s gym trainer! He’s a great trainer and doesn’t allow me to interrupt him when he’s showing our lot the best exercises and machine positions!  Dr. Margaret Tyson MPHe

Manfit's gym trainer, Bill Shone
MANFIT’s gym trainer, Bill Shone

My name is Bill Shone, I’m a Personal Trainer and Strength/Conditioning Coach.  Margaret Tyson approached me through REPS (The Register of Exercise Professionals) to supervise the gym sessions as I have qualifications in adapting exercise for low to medium risk health conditions and in active ageing, both of which are relevant to the MANFIT group.

The Friday sessions are great to be involved in and there’s a really good atmosphere.  The group do quite a wide range of exercise, usually following a circuit including range of motion, cardiovascular and resistance exercises.  I do 1:1 work with several members of the group, largely focusing on functional exercises using stability balls, bands, light weights and medicine balls.  It’s great to see new exercises being tried and progressed over time.

I look forward to the MANFIT sessions on a Friday morning.  It’s always good to see new faces and I’d encourage anyone in the area to get involved with them.


We’re very grateful to Bill for sharing his story and look forward to meeting more of the MANFIT users in due course.

Manfit – First User Profile: Ron’s Story

Featured Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, MANFIT (Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative), kindly promised to provide us with individual stories of some of their users and here you can meet our first candidate, Ron.

My name is Ron. I am 77 years old I had my left leg amputated above the knee at the age of 11 when I was hit on the knee by a cricket ball and developed a tumour. I still love the sport and as a teenager scored for my local team.

I left school at 15, went to work in a drawing office where my friends introduced me to golf and played for 25 years until my second child arrived and my time disappeared and when the third one arrived that was the end of golf.

As a family we all went swimming.

At 58 I retired from BT drawing office, it was nearly 10 years later when I joined MANFIT in June 2007. I have always enjoyed statistics and kept a record of all my visits. I have attended the gym 416 times. I have met some good friends over the years and sadly some no longer with us.

We meet and encourage each other and have a good laugh, the gym staff have been very helpful and the college staff welcoming, it’s a pleasure to go.

I also swim with a MANFIT group and have been 375 times to the Aquatic centre in Manchester.

All this has been arranged by Margaret Tyson who I would like to thank for all her hard work involved securing the outside funding.

I am in good health due to my activities and have a nice circle of friends.

We’re very grateful to Ron for sharing his story and delighted to hear that he’s doing so well and clearly enjoying all the facilities MANFIT offers. Keep checking in for more MANFIT user profiles…

Please click on the logo at the top of the post to visit MANFIT’s website where you can find out more about this great organisation.