Request for Amputees to Participate in Research That Could Reduce Phantom Limb Pain

Dr Logan Wade, a researcher from the University of Bath, has contacted us regarding research into phantom limb pain. Dr Wade and his team have just been granted funding and ethical approval to conduct two workshops surrounding this horrible affliction and the applications of Virtual Reality (VR) to reduce the associated pain and discomfort.

They are now looking for volunteer amputees to participate in a research study. 

VR technology has shown promising results at reducing phantom limb pain in amputee case studies. However, these interventions have tended to use off-the-shelf products which can be expensive and inadequately adapted for use by amputees. Therefore, there is a need to create immersive therapy that is designed by amputees for use by amputees. In this research study, participants will attend a half day workshop in either the Southwest or London area to discuss how phantom limb pain impacts their daily life and the application of VR to reduce this pain. At the moment we do not have set dates for either the London or Southwest workshops because we are somewhat flexible and will try to work out the best dates that suite the participants. However, we are hoping to conduct the workshops around June/July. Dr Logan Wade, Researcher, University of Bath

If you’d like to take part in valuable research that could potentially be life changing for those who suffer from phantom limb pain, then please read the details on the Flyer below (a pdf version can be downloaded using the link below the post) and use the contact details given if you’d like more information or to apply. 

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Dr Logan Wade Contact details:

Flyer pdf: /wp-content/uploads/2020/02/DrLWPhantomPain.pdf