Richard Neumann shares lockdown thoughts…

As life slowly begins to return to something resembling the way it used to be – to whatever extent we would want it to – Bader Grant Recipient Para Dressage rider Richard Neumann shares lockdown thoughts.

I’m so grateful to Richard for sending us this wonderfully honest and thoughtful message about a time that affected all of us (and, yes, our animals too) in so many ways. The challenges we all faced during lockdown were very much influenced by our personal circumstances but there’s no doubt that owning animals and being responsible for their welfare was a challenge in itself.  This may be especially true when the animals in question are competition level horses, used to being regularly exercised and trained and needing to work regularly with their riders to establish and main a trusting partnership.

Read on as Richard Neumann shares lockdown thoughts with us. Thank you, Richard, for this personal insight into how Covid and its repercussions affected one man striving to reach the top of his sport and his 4-legged team.


The first lock down was the biggest problem we had, the yard was put into quarantine and all horses were ether on full livery with no access to them, I chose to have them in a field and look after them turned the lorry into a tack and feed room and I must admit changing a poultice in a field is not for the faint hearted. When things started to ease the horses were brought back into the stable and we could ride in the school or hack out, this was a god send as I was feeling the stress of not living a normal life, at least this brought a modicum of normality back to my life, and I could get the horsebox back into a horsebox. I also did a few charity challenges which kept me in a good place mentally, however I can’t begin to imagine how any one less fortunate that myself got through this.

All competition was cancelled so training was the only competition you could get, but in the grand scheme of things there was plenty to feel grateful for.

The second lock down came and went almost unnoticed it does say something about you when you can go into lock down and your personal life doesn’t really change. I believe I have a better relationship with my animals because of lock down as we spent so much time together. Now things are getting back to a normalish situation competitions have reopened, the gyms have reopened, and life is getting back to resemble a little of the life before lockdown.

The things I have learnt from this situation and a lesson I hope we all have is that the simple things are the ones we should treasure the most, family is more important than most things and we should be grateful for what we have not what we believe we are entitled to. I was incredibly fortunate to have everything I care and love around me in this situation. Without them I can’t imagine how I would have come through the other side, now we are looking forward to the winter championships the regionals and hopefully getting our first invitation to represent the county.

(Richard Neumann)

Richard Neumann shares lockdown thoughts
Smartie rosetted and rugged…



…and relaxing after a successful day

Above you can see the lovely Smartie after a recent competition when he stood in for Otto who had sadly injured himself. Smartie acquitted himself beautifully as you can see in the top image where he is proudly rosetted and rugged, before a well-earned rest back in his stable.

You can see other posts from Bader Grant Recipient Richard by following the link.

Richard Neumann November update

Richard Neumann November update: training is progressing well and Richard has introduced some show jumping and pole work as a bit of a change from the disciplines of Dressage. This should keep the horses on their toes!

Smartie, meanwhile, is getting his rug dirty while enjoying a luxurious roll as only horses can. They make rolling look so much fun…



Richard Neumann Lockdown Update

Richard Neumann, Para Dressage rider and Bader Grant Recipient, has been in touch with a lockdown update. As he says, lockdown gives plenty of time for training!

Training was apparently going well until the latest lockdown. Sadly, Richard ran out of time to qualify for Keysoe this year but is aiming to be there in 2021. In the meantime, he has just started para showjumping as well. Apparently Otto loves it, it gives him something else to think about! He certainly looks to be enjoying himself. It must be nice to experience that freedom after the discipline of dressage.
Hopefully 2021 will be a better year, can’t wait to get back competing. Richard Neumann, Para Dressage Rider
A genuine man of action, Richard has also started training for another press up challenge. 1000 press ups in a day. I’d rather him than me!
Enjoy the videos below of Richard Neumann and his beautiful competition horse, Otto, training over poles, a good exercise for developing flexibility and confidence.

In the following video you can see Richard upping the ante in his preparation for his fundraising forthcoming Press Up Marathon: 1000 press ups in a day…! This is even more of a challenge for Richard than it would be for most people as he has no flexibility in his wrists.


Competition Season has Started Again – Update from Richard Neumann

Para Dressage Rider, Richard Neumann, started the month with his first competition of this much-delayed season. His competition horse, Otto, was still resting so stablemate, Smartie, stood in.

Richard reported that Smartie worked very hard for him and while delighted with the horse’s faultless performance he was less delighted with his own and has come away realising the need to work on his ringcraft. On a positive note it sounds as though with a few points ironed out, Richard and Smartie could have got a very decent score, which bodes well for future competitions.

Smartie living up to his name
Smartie living up to his name with a fetching post-plait horse perm!

We’re very grateful to Richard for sending the following great videos of his progree

Some videos for you from Richard Neumann

Bader Grant Recipient, Richard Neumann, demonstrating the variety of activities that go into fulfilling the dream of competing for your country as a Para Dressage rider and training for a gruelling fundraiser at the same time…

Richard has shared some videos of his life in training both to compete as a Para Dressage rider and to perform 1000 press ups in one day as a fundraiser. Which sounds like 999 to far to me! (I think Otto agrees as you’ll see from the video below…)

We’re so grateful to Richard for sharing these wonderful videos, which always bring a smile. What a joy to see such happy, healthy horses thoroughly enjoying the good life!

(Please note that any videos that follow these are randomly selected by YouTube and the DBF can not be held responsible for their content.)


Please click on the link if you’d like to donate to Richard’s 1000-Press-Ups-In-A-Day fundraiser in support of the NHS.

A cheering update from Para-dressage rider, Richard Neumann

I love the updates from Bader Grant recipient, Para-dressage rider Richard Neumann. They are full of positivity at a time when it’s so welcome to hear good news.

Richard reports that he has had a good fitness training session with his competition horse, the beautiful Otto, following a very enjoyable hack. It must be a real treat to go out hacking again following all the weeks of lockdown for horse and rider. Richard’s goal is to ride for his country and preparations are starting again for the qualifying competitions.

Laid-back (and wonderfully well and shiny) Otto clearly felt that a bit of stable rest was necessary after such a tiring day:


Richard’s first competition horse, Echo, who is now happily retired, wasn’t neglected either as Richard was on hand to provide clearly much appreciated neck scratches for him and his girlfriend.

In the meantime, training for Richard’s fundraising 1000-press-ups-in-a-day marathon continues with eggstra interest to ward off the boredom! (As well as some welcome help from a friend!)


Thank you, Richard, for these wonderfully uplifting updates! We’ll look forward to seeing what other tricks you’ll invent to alleviate the boredom…


If you’d like to support Richard’s marathon effort, please follow the link to his Fundraising Page

Richard Neumann back in the saddle

Bader Grant Recipient, Para Dressage Rider Richard Neumann is delighted to have been able to resume training after the long lockdown lay off. His equine partner, Otto, may not be quite so delighted… All this work takes it out of a horse and a nice lie down is too good to cut short!

In the meantime, all is well in the world of Echo, Richard’s first competition horse. He is now living in contented retirement and has found himself a rather beautiful girlfriend!

We’re very grateful to Richard for sending us these heartwarming updates, which we’ll continue to share with you. Lessons start again in July when work will resume in earnest and we’ll keep you informed as Richard and Otto continue to pursue their dream of competing for their country as a Para Dressage team…




Please Support Richard’s Fundraising Effort

Bader Grant Recipient, Para Dressage Rider, Richard Neumann, has come up with a great fundraising idea. He plans to perform 1000 press ups in one day, on a date to be announced in August, to raise funds for the DBF, Arctic One and the NHS. We are extremely grateful to him for including us in this ambitious goal.

Doing 1000 press ups in one day would be a challenge for anyone but more so for Richard than most as he had surgery on both wrists leaving him unable to bend them. This means that he will have to perform the press ups using handles for support.

You can see from the videos below that Richard is already training hard for this challenge and, if you’d like to support his efforts and raise funds for 3 very worthy causes, you can donate via the link to his fundraising page at the bottom of this post.

To support Richard in what will be a difficult challenge to raise funds for 3 very good causes, please visit his Fundraising Page by following the link.

Thank you on behalf of all of us who stand to benefit from Richard’s efforts.

Richard Neumann’s cat enjoying lockdown!

For those of you who are getting fed up with lockdown, self-isolation, social distancing (too much gardening) and all the repercussions of COVID-19, here is a video of Para Dressage Rider Richard Neumann’s cat that will make you smile.

Cats always have a way of making the most of their situation and this one is no different. Mind you, he or she does have a pretty impressive cat gym!

Bader Grant Recipient Richard reports that his horse, Otto, and stable mate, Smartie, also seemed very pleased to see him (and possibly the hay!) and have been enjoying sunshine and food!

They certainly all look very well and contented…