Bader Academy – Soon to Open its Doors to Students

New academy for young people with special needs

We’re so proud on Sir Douglas Bader’s behalf to tell you that an Academy in his name is nearing completion and will soon open its doors to students. The Bader Academy, in Edenthorpe, Doncaster, will cater for young people with special educational needs.

The Academy, which will be opening in September 2020 has already got off to an interesting start with building work help up when the archaeological survey identified some Roman remains and some pre-historic pottery! How inspiring to have some on-site real life history.

The brand new Bader Academy website reads: “Bader Academy is an exciting new special school due to open in Edenthorpe in Doncaster. Our academy is being developed to meet the needs of children and young people, aged 5-19, who have an Education, Health and Care Plan with a primary diagnosis of Communication and Interaction Difficulties.

This is such an exciting project and one that will undoubtedly make a difference to the lives of its pupils and we know that Douglas would be wholehearted in his approval. The aim of the Academy is “to provide an environment where children have fun with their learning“, a phrase which encapsulates Douglas’s positivity and can-do attitude.

We will enthusiastically keep you up to date with developments!

Newsletters: The first 2 Newsletters have already been published and you can seen as pdfs via the links below:

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