Bader Braves 2021 Report

This Bader Braves 2021 report by Keith Delderfield explains how Covid19 impacted on our Young Aviators Days while our new Young Mariners project was a great success.


What a frustrating year it has been! Despite all the time and effort put in over the ‘20/21 winter period and all of the special preparations made by our friends at airfields throughout the UK, Covid19 once again rendered it useless.

What at one time offered great hope soon became despair as, understandably, a further lockdown was put in place along with more stringent social distancing rules. Sadly the confines of the cabin of a light aeroplane make social distancing an impossibility and the sanitisation requirement following each flight is impractical. On top of everything else our main concern remains that of the safety of all of our Bader Braves and their families. Sadly there was little choice other than the abandonment of our 2021 Young Aviators programme.

Who knows what 2022 has in store for us? Discussions are already taking place and provisional plans made in the hope that Young Aviators will return next year. So keep an eye open on our website in the New Year when an announcement will be made and more importantly, keep everything crossed for better luck next year!!

Bader Braves 2021 Report


Despite the huge disappointment with our Young Aviators we have been more successful in forging a strong relationship with the Accessible Sailing Group based at Bisham Abbey on The River Thames. In partnership with them we have been able to offer in the latter part of the summer, an opportunity to some 150 youngsters from SEND schools throughout Berks, Bucks and South Oxfordshire to experience a half day river experience using a range of accessible boats that provide not just a “fun-time” but also, for those who choose, a chance to become more actively involved.

So successful has this project become that we are now investigating possibilities of engaging with similar organisations with a view to extending the programme to venues throughout the UK.


Clearly we are all in the lap of the Gods as far as where will be with regards to Covid19 next year. As outlined, we are making plans to return as far as possible to pre-covid normality but we all have to play our part; so you can help by obeying the rules and observing guidelines.

Most of all keep safe and well yourselves and with a bit of good fortune we will be seeing you at one of our events in 2022.

Keith Delderfield,

Bader Braves Co-ordinator.

If having read Keith’s Bader Braves 2021 Report you’d like to know more about our hugely successful Bader Braves initiative, please click on the link for more information.