How do Bike Gears Work – a must read for all cyclists out there…

We’re very grateful to Diane Cunnings, who is on the content team at Biking Expert, for contacting us with an article that she felt would be useful to our cycling enthusiast or would be cyclist readers.

While being comprehensive and very useful guide to bike gears and how they work, this article, written by her colleague Tom, is also refreshingly readable. As Diane says:

There is a ton of information out there; our guide was designed to cut through the noise a bit.
Diane Cunnings

You will find sections on helpful topics such as: Anatomy of the Bike Gearbox, How to Pedal at the Right Pace; Factors that Influence the Choice of the Gear and more. All useful information on something that, to me at least, is a complete mystery!

How Do Bike Gears Work

Bike gears are the most important system that comes to mind when talking about the transmission of a bicycle. Although the main component of the transmission is the chain of the bicycle, an element that transmits the motion from the pedal to the wheel, the gears define, in a sense, the racing power of the bike.

The bike gears are a concentration of genius and mechanical perfection. This component can be considered the heart of a bike and in fact, the gearbox allows you to adjust the speed to diminish the effort and increase the cycling performances.

Unless you are a mechanic, understanding the functioning of this system can be tricky. So, let’s see how do bike gears work and, above all, understand how to use them effectively.

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