Margaret Biggs going from strength to strength in Cycling Time Trials

Inspirational DBF Ambassador, below-knee amputee Margaret “Maggz” Biggs, is back in the saddle with a vengeance and going from strength to strength in her time trials having recently completed 100 miles in less than 5 hours – an incredible achievement. This was reported in the Southport Visitor and you can read the full article below.

Is Maggz going to sit back and rest on her 100 mile laurels? Not a chance! Please scroll down to read Maggz’s Bloglet to see what this indomitable lady is up to now!


Article by Southport Visitor – Sep 13, 2014

Margaret Biggs from Southport, who lost a leg in a car accident in 1973, is taking part in a 100-mile time trial this weekend. Photo by Graham Moreton of Tarleton Photography

Margaret Biggs from Southport, who lost a leg in a car accident in 1973, is taking part in a 100-mile time trial this weekend. Photo by Graham Moreton of Tarleton Photography

“If an old aged pensioner with one leg beats you in a time trial, I think that it is time to rethink your training!”

So said Margaret Biggs, from Churchtown, who lost her right leg in a car accident in 1973 and didn’t get back on her bike until she retired from the legal profession.

Before Margaret lost her leg she had a promising cycling career, but back in the saddle, aged 64, she has now smashed her personal best and completed 100 miles in just under five hours – 10 minutes off her time when she was a teenager.

She said: “It gives you a real confidence boost. I can’t believe it, although I am quite tired now.

“I had wanted to complete my first 100-mile time trial since the 1970s in the time for my age group, which is five hours and 39 minutes, but I finished in four hours and 55 minutes.”

The avid cyclist battled her way around the course along a dual carriageway to come 12th out of 14 ladies in the race.

Margaret has a specially designed cycling prosthetic leg, without a foot, to use with her adapted bike.

She said: “The leg really helps. It makes it much easier. Oddly, on the day it was my left foot that was giving me problems due to the pressure in my shoes.”

The trial will help raise money and awareness for the Douglas Bader Foundation cycle racing team, Team Bader Amputees

Margaret said: “I am over the moon, absolutely delighted.

“I am so grateful for the support and encouragement from the Southport Club, and consider it a privilege to ride for Team Bader Amputees.

“I hope that my efforts will raise the profile of amputees in cycling, and encourage others that the sky is literally the limit.”


Maggz’s Bloglet:

“Last Sunday, rode the final 6th event in the National RTTC Circuit Time Trial Series. A hilly 2 lap 9mile circuit at Griffydam, nr Coalville. Including an 8% climb. I finished in 6th place, of 8, one place behind a tandem. Goodness knows why a tandem got included – usually they are listed as a separate entity. Anyway there we go. The winner, a guy using 1 leg only as his other, partly paralysed, clipped into a [free] swinging crank, was amazing. 2 new girls rode. One a paraplegic hand cycled around on a recumbent. Absolutely amazing. The other on an adult trike. 

The final results for the NATIONAL RTTC CIRCUIT TIME TRIAL SERIES:- with 4 counting events from 6, I’ve come equal 3rd place with Craig Green, Peterborough CC. (This guy- an upper limb disability – can do 25miles in 56mins !). Chuffed to bits for the DBF. Full results to follow. This was the competition I set off riding in April as it had a paracycling classification, something which open time trials do not have – YET! Never dreamed of getting a place in the top 3!

So off in campa tomorrow to Potto, Darlington, again. The final time trial of the season for me. Saturday 2pm. The Cleveland Couriers 25 mile time trial on the A19 at Craythorne. Not a big field 62 riders. 4 ladies – the oldest 86 ! (oldest male 77). I’m off at 2.12pm. Am aiming to better 1hr 9min 41secs I did in July, on a different course though.

As I’ve done time trial rides in the 3 distances of 25, 50, and 100 miles, for women, I will qualify for entry in the BRITISH BEST ALL ROUNDER competition. (the BBAR). Places are given according to average speed. In 1971 I was placed 19th. Ex World Champ, Mrs Beryl Burton, MBE, was 1st. As she was for 20yrs! As far as I am aware, am the only ‘paracyclist’ to have ever qualified. Another 1st for DBF!!”


The DBF is hugely indebted to Maggz for her efforts on our behalf. As well as raising the profile of amputee cyclists, she is doing a fantastic amount to raise awareness of and funds for the charity through her passion for cycling and is responsible for getting Team Bader Amputees registered as an affiliated Group in the cycling Time Trials. She also designed the cool DBF kit that you can see her wearing with style in the great photo by Graham Moreton above. 

We hope that those of you inspired by her efforts will think of joining Team Bader Cycling next year and race alongside her and others showing that it’s what you can do and not what you can’t that counts…

Please contact us if you’re interested in finding out more about Team Bader Cycling

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