Stumps and Cranks…

…well you had to read on after that heading!

Stumps & Cranks

All you amputee cyclists and would-be amputee cyclists will be delighted to learn that we have it on good authority that the long-awaited “Stumps and Cranks – A Beginner’s Dream” will be published this spring.

Designed to be read by adults and older children or families it sets out the basic elements of equipment, instruction and points of general care and attention advocated by cycling and health professionals who deal with such aspects on a daily basis.

The book is a first attempt at encouraging amputees to discover more about cycling – an enjoyable form of exercise that allows you to become closely connected with the thrills of pedalling around on two or more wheels.

You can check out the Stumps and Cranks Website by clicking on the link. You can also ask to be notified when the book goes on sale so you can be sure to get your copy quickly!

Please remember to check out Team Bader Cycling. This great DBF initiative was kick-started by 2 of our Ambassadors, Wyn Jenkins and Margaret Biggs, both amputees, with the gruelling Tandem Challenge Wales, where the intrepid pair, accompanied by several supporters, rode a tandem down the “vertical axis of Wales”. OK – geographically dubious but it sounds good! (This, and other Team Bader Cycling adventures can be read about in our Team Bader News section.) Since then our wonderful team has grown and gone from strength to strength and have been taking part in Time Trials and other cycling events with great results. They are currently busy organising various rides and competitions for the coming year and the schedule will be published on the Website in due course.

Members of the Team are always on hand to encourage, advise and support and, whatever your standard or experience, there will be a cycling event for you to enjoy. Please contact us so that we can put you in touch with a member of Team Bader if you’d like more information.

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