Team Bader Amputees-Yorkshire

Jonny Ackroyd with Margaret "Maggz" Biggs

Team Bader Amputees representatives, Maggie Biggs and Jonny Ackroyd, will be taking part in a 25-mile Time Trial event this weekend. The event will take place on Saturday 23rd and the course runs twice round a 12.5m circuit on the A6055 N Yorkshire. Not only is it a long way but Time Trialling has its own challenges; as Maggie points out

No it’s not like the Tour de France, the roads are not closed to traffic! Maggie Biggs

A taster from Maggie:

The HQ (pick up point for numbers, & sign on sheet & maybe a brew) is quite a way from the start. It’s always a bit of a nightmare trying gauge it right after warming up to arrive at the right time so as not to end up waiting around too long for your own start time to arrive. The longer the wait the cooler it gets – as with legs, even a leg doesn’t work well in the cold! But if you arrive late, ie seconds after the official start time there’s no allowance made. Miss it altogether by 59seconds, there’s no ride unless one of the other riders fails to start.
On Saturday, there’s a separate event for ladies, so they’re off first. Only a small field of ‘s’ senior riders and ‘v’ veterans of 40+ . Good job they don’t have ‘sv’ super-veterans for us ‘granny’ categories! Have ridden against most of them before – my money’s on Ciera off at 2.05pm from the same team as Dame Sarah Storey. I expect she’ll be passing Team Bader’s Maggie well before the first turn!
Team Bader’s rising star Jonny is not off until 2.54pm. His first 25mile event, and only his second ever. Quite a different challenge on a long, flat but exposed course. A real contrast from his baptism of pouring rain and gales at the technical 15miler round Bassenthwaite Lake, Cumbria. There’s a real ‘knack’ to time trialling – not only concentrating but pacing effort and not going so hard as to ‘blow it’ and have to ‘pack’, and retire, or grovel round at an even slower pace than ever.
We’re the only Paracycling riders, and the team with only 2 good legs between us! Come on Team Bader! Wheee !!

As Maggie points out, it’s only Jonny’s second experience of Time Trialling and 10 miles longer than his previous event. We wish him the best of luck in this new sport and feel sure that with his obvious ability and enthusiasm, and especially now that the experienced Maggie has taken him under her wing, he can’t fail to go from strength.

We look forward to hearing how they get on and, in the meantime, feel sure you’ll join us in wishing them the very best of luck and success on Saturday.

Holme Valley Whs 25mile Time Trial
Headquarters: – Lux Café, Melmerby
Course: V237

START. on south side B6267 at “speed limit ends”sign just east of A1M flyover and 145 yards east of Sinderby TI.

Proceed west to Sinderby TI where right (3rd exit) onto A6055 via Gatenby TI, to Bedale Lane TI,(6.26miles)
Encircle island, to retrace via Gatenby IT to Sinderby TI (12.58miles).
Encircle island and repeat circuit via Gatenby TI, Bedale lane TI (18.84miles), Gatenby TI to
FINISH at triangular warning sign “Horses”, 140 yards north of Sinderby TI (25miles).
Headquarters Lux Café8 Baruck Close, Baker Business Park, Melmerby, Ripon. HG4 5NB

And here is Team Bader Amputees in print:

3 Maggie Biggs – Team Bader Amputees 14:03

54 Jonny Ackroyd – Team Bader Amputees 14:54  28

How good does that look?!

Go Team Bader Amputees!

If you’d like to know more about Team Bader, Team Bader Cycling or Team Bader Amputees, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below and putting Team Bader Amputees in the subject box and we’ll get back to you. We are always looking for more people to join this indomitable team and would love to hear from you.

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