Team Bader Success at Uttoxeter

Competing for Team Bader Amputees (officially registered with the CTT – Cycling Time Trials – last year) Douglas Bader Foundation Ambassadors, Wyn Jenkins and Maggi Biggs put up excellent times in their respective Cycling Time Trials at Uttoxeter on Sunday. Wyn, an above knee amputee, is new to the discipline but managed to achieve an average speed of around 19mph despite nerves and a recalcitrant saddle (read more below!) while the more experienced Maggz achieved an impressive total time of 1hr 9mins over the 23 mile course.

Weather should be better than expected. It’s a lovely course. Just a few gentle bumps!

Margaret Biggs before the Time Trials at Uttoxeter

Both should be very proud of their results and the DBF is certainly proud of them both.

You can read something of Wyn’s extremely hairy ride below. Determination in the face of adversity or what?

Wyn and Maggz before the start. DBF Kit hiding the nerves!

Wyn and Maggz before the start at Uttoxeter. DBF Kit hiding the nerves!

Marg and I left home at 6.00am and got to the venue by 9.15 as planned – Maggz arrived shortly after. We had a cuppa, signed on and then did a warm-up on the turbo trainers. Maggz was off 4 minutes before me and looked very intense – she had her race face on!! After Marg had ensured I had my visor on the right way up I set off and settled into an easy rhythm, still very unsure about my ability to go the distance at speed. I’d just caught the rider who set off a minute before me after 3 miles, when all of a sudden I no longer had a saddle to sit on – the nose decided to point south!! I struggled on for half a mile very slowly and pondered ringing Marg with the news that our long journey was a poor investment for just 3 miles of riding!! Instead I flagged down a cyclist (non-competing I might add) and he very kindly loaned me a multi-kit and two and a half minutes later I was back under way but with the saddle still in the wrong position – it was a bonus as it was now only pointing down by 45 degrees!! This made it incredibly difficult to hold a good tuck position and going up hill expended more energy in my arms holding myself in a semi-sitting position than it did my legs!!

It was a tough course for me as it had long drags when I’ve just got to be patient and let the gears do the work as I spin my legs as quickly as possible – as a result my speed fluctuated from 6mph to 38 mph and this isn’t a good way to get a good average!! Anyway, I finally finished feeling pretty good considering with an official time of 1 hr 12mins and x secs, which included my stopping time for the saddle incident – my actual time as per my bike computer was 1 hr 10 mins 12 secs – about 19mph average!! Considering the distance and type of terrain I was pretty pleased.

Marg was waiting at the finish and we reunited with Maggz who had turned in a very impressive 1 hr 9 mins odd. We had a quick biscuit and a cuppa before saying our goodbyes and heading home.

Strangely enjoyed the day and the event but obviously frustrated by the saddle failing. I think I could have done quite a bit better……there’s always next time of course????

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